180 Days: Challenge


This game was co-created by a talented group of social workers, parents, and educators across the country who shared their insights to make these scenarios as realistic as possible.

Special thanks to Margaret Angell, Pierre Brown, Lydia Carlis, Kim Carter, James Comer, Camille Cooper, Ben Daley, Carlita Davis, Dwight Davis, Scott Edwards, Cristina Encinas, Jamal Fields, Nancy Flanagan, Wanda Govan-Augustus, Judy Hall, Cosby Hunt, Edward Ingram, Rashon Johnson, Tara King, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Rebecca Lebowitz, Chris Lehmann, Christian Long, Bobbi MacDonald, Marlene Magrino, Julie Mahn, Scott Nine, Monay Parran, Kate Quarfordt, Cyn Savo, Rebecca Schmidt, Maya Soetoro-Ng, Joshua Starr, Laura Thomas, Marla Ucelli-Kashyap, Amy Valens,  and Autumn Wilson.

Game scenarios written by Nonso Christian Ugbode, Kay Shaw, Gregory Warren, Jr.

Scenarios revised and edited by Sam Chaltain.

Game design and development – Clayton Banks, Ben Erwin, Andi Fehr,  Ember Media

Proofing completed by – Jomana Abdallah

NBPC (c) 2015

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