Wyatt Cenac Hosts AfroPoP Season 4.0!

You may recognize funnyman Wyatt Cenac from his stints as a correspondent for the Daily Show. You can also see him soon as the host of our new upcoming AfroPoP season, season 4! Recently NBPC held the AfroPoP production shoot in a Williamsburg studio, and we brought some flavor into the industrial neighborhood. Check out […]


I Try Very Hard To Act Brown But…

My mother always said, “You are different, you don’t play by the same rules.” These are words I live by, especially since I work in corporate America. Last week I had my semi-annual review. Things were going really well until my boss went over his hand written notes about my “Opportunities for Improvement.” His list […]


The New Negro: Rare MLK Interview

This weekend will bring a new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial to Washington DC, and it is reviving a lot of conversation about the man, his mission and his tactics. PBS.org shared with us a very rare interview from 1957 featuring Dr. King on the classic “An Open Mind” PBS talk show. It is very […]


Black Hot Fresh Summer Preview!

For a while we here in the NBPC labs of Black-ness have been mixing and matching various new media concoctions to engage the masses on issues that range from Black masculinity, to a big hurricane mess named Katrina, and recently we sent some talented filmmakers to Haiti to capture the voices of real Haitians dealing […]


“Al-Gore” Rhythms & Girl Power @ G4C 2011

“I just got off the red eye from Tokyo so if I stumble, you’ll know why.” These were the first words from Al Gore at his Keynote presentation for the 2011 Games for Change conference, after a warm and loud round of applause from a group of about 800 attendees gathered at NYU’s Skirball Center […]


My Fellow American

Unity Productions Foundation has made a short film for the web, and it is a strong example of arts/media/culture as an empowering form of resistance. Anti-Muslim hatred, otherwise dubbed as Islamophobia, has gripped this country for many years and has grown quite visibly in the last decade, during the ‘War on Terror’. Muslims have been […]