An African Election – Web Clip – “Strong Room”

“An African Election” is a documentary film by Jarreth Merz which follows the 2008 elections in Ghana and reveals the real modern face of West African democracy, with amazing visuals and unprecedented access to all the key players. This film premieres on American Public Television on October 1st, 2012, watch it on the WORLD Channel. […]


Ask A Muslim – Law and Order

Is there such a thing as a “fake Muslim”? Why does it seem like young black men always find Islam in prison? And what is Sharia law, really? Our panel of black Muslim voices take on these questions this week with lightness and grace as needed.


Black Folk Don’t: Get Married

It seems like now a days it’s hard to find black folk who are ready and willing to say I do, at least that’s what all the media coverage about single black women says. Is this a generational issue or are black folk allergic too long term commitment? Or are they just committing in different […]