Auntie from Barbados: Women and the Caribbean International Family

Lisa Harewood is a socially motivated artist whose short film, “Auntie,” invites contemplation of Caribbean life, immigration, extended matriarchal families and those left behind. Her debut effort as a writer and director, Harewood’s film is the result of a last- minute decision to enter the Commonwealth Foundation’s development scheme. More than a lark, Harewood said […]


A Modern Day Middle Passage

Bodies washed ashore on white sand beaches. Immigrants’ corpses littering the shores of paradise. These are images Bahamian Filmmaker Kareem Mortimer recalls of his youth. “I had always known about this” Mortimer said in a recent interview for NBPC’s AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange. Mortimer said he remembers hearing, night after night, the reports as […]


Top Five Maya Angelou Tributes from Public Media

“I believe that words are things, and I live on them.” ~ Maya Angelou It is extremely difficult to narrow down the impact of a world-class artist like Maya Angelou, evident in the fact her Twitter hashtag #MayaAngelou is going strong already and will predictably break some records. (When your death is powerful enough to […]

Jacquie Jones Steps Down At NBPC

NEW YORK (May 1, 2014)—Jacquie Jones, who has served as executive director of National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) since 2005, has stepped down. The board of directors of the 35-year- old nonprofit, which develops, produces and funds media content about the black experience for public media outlets, including television, digital radio and online, accepted her […]


Stolen Story

This highly contested film documents two filmmakers and their accidental discovery of people who claim they claim are enslaved in Polisario-run refugee camps in the Western Sahara.


Ask A Muslim Trailer Live!

We have been very excited to launch our second original web series this summer, so after you check out the last episode of Black Folk Don’t this season, be sure to mark your calendars for fresh episodes of “Ask A Muslim” from the producers at Nur Media. Here is their description, and check out the […]


Taking The Dowager Countess to New Orleans

For a second time we took part this June in the National Association of Black Journalists’ Convention and Career Fair (NABJ). This year the conference, a wonderfully swankier affair from our last attendance, was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. And so it was a perfect way to launch our summer web series Black Folk Don’t, […]