We hope you all tuned in to last night’s very important premiere of “ENDGAME: AIDS In Black America.” Join producer/director Renata Simone later today for a live chat at 2 PM right here. She will be joined by Phill Wilson, founder and president of the Black AIDS Institute; Marvelyn Brown, author and AIDS activist; Lisa […]


Black Folk Don’t and the Power of Irony

In 2011 launched the “Black Folk Don’t…” web series, a collection of expositional/conversational shorts about activities that black people supposedly did not do: tip, go to therapy, travel, go to the doctor, do winter sports, were just some of the titles in the first season. On June 26th, 2012 we will be launching another […]


We Fund Stories, Not Issues!

Many producers wonder why their projects weren’t selected for funding to help make their films. Allow us then, to give you some insight. In some cases declination of a project is because the producer didn’t satisfy a number of critical requirements needed for a documentary, such as an appropriate budget estimate, qualified personnel for the […]

Creating Lives, Creating Stories

I’ve been told that producing a film is almost akin to giving birth to a baby. Having only the experience of giving birth to a human I can’t really say if they are the exact same thing.  But in celebration of Mother’s Day here’s a shortlist of African American women filmmakers who have done both! […]


Wyatt Cenac Hosts AfroPoP Season 4.0!

You may recognize funnyman Wyatt Cenac from his stints as a correspondent for the Daily Show. You can also see him soon as the host of our new upcoming AfroPoP season, season 4! Recently NBPC held the AfroPoP production shoot in a Williamsburg studio, and we brought some flavor into the industrial neighborhood. Check out […]


I Try Very Hard To Act Brown But…

My mother always said, “You are different, you don’t play by the same rules.” These are words I live by, especially since I work in corporate America. Last week I had my semi-annual review. Things were going really well until my boss went over his hand written notes about my “Opportunities for Improvement.” His list […]