Stolen Story


For over 30 years, NBPC has actively worked to identify independent documentary programs that will educate public television viewers and ignite a curiosity that leads to further exploration. This desire to engage our viewers educationally was at the root of launching our series AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange. The people of the African Diaspora are… Read more »

Django Freeman, Southern cowboy, bounty hunter

Django Fever


Django Unchained is less problematic in what it says about race, or violence, than what it contributes to the conversation about justice. I didn’t see Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Maybe it was ten minutes into the movie when I saw the first scalping and I bailed, I couldn’t do it. And I sat through all… Read more »


Ask A Muslim Trailer Live!


We have been very excited to launch our second original web series this summer, so after you check out the last episode of Black Folk Don’t this season, be sure to mark your calendars for fresh episodes of “Ask A Muslim” from the producers at Nur Media. Here is their description, and check out the… Read more »


Taking The Dowager Countess to New Orleans


For a second time we took part this June in the National Association of Black Journalists’ Convention and Career Fair (NABJ). This year the conference, a wonderfully swankier affair from our last attendance, was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. And so it was a perfect way to launch our summer web series Black Folk Don’t,… Read more »




We hope you all tuned in to last night’s very important premiere of “ENDGAME: AIDS In Black America.” Join producer/director Renata Simone later today for a live chat at 2 PM right here. She will be joined by Phill Wilson, founder and president of the Black AIDS Institute; Marvelyn Brown, author and AIDS activist; Lisa… Read more »


Black Folk Don’t and the Power of Irony


In 2011 launched the “Black Folk Don’t…” web series, a collection of expositional/conversational shorts about activities that black people supposedly did not do: tip, go to therapy, travel, go to the doctor, do winter sports, were just some of the titles in the first season. On June 26th, 2012 we will be launching another… Read more »


Marriage Equality: Byron Rushing and the Fight for Fairness


By Thomas Allen Harris In 2009 I first got the idea of doing short documentary around the issue of Marriage Equality after meeting Massachusetts State Representative Byron Rushing. I was interviewing Byron, a veteran Black Civil Rights activist, about his family and community photographs for our series Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) Roadshow when producer… Read more »


We Fund Stories, Not Issues!


Many producers wonder why their projects weren’t selected for funding to help make their films. Allow us then, to give you some insight. In some cases declination of a project is because the producer didn’t satisfy a number of critical requirements needed for a documentary, such as an appropriate budget estimate, qualified personnel for the… Read more »