Black Lives Matter. Black Stories Matter.


Stories and storytelling is one of the strongest ways to share diverse narratives within our communities and beyond. Next week, the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) will kick-off its annual appeal to create a fund to support black stories and black filmmakers.


7 Ways Your #NBPC360 Application Could Fall Flat


As the deadline approaches (January 9th, 2015) we know all our producers are working hard to put their best foot forward, so we thought we’d put together this brief list to help you as you prepare – these are the 7 Ways Your #NBPC360 Application Could Fall Flat.


Support Mary Lou Williams Documentary


I think the takeaway from this film is to not let anyone stop you from doing the thing you were born to do. We follow this incredible artist through the trials and tribulations she encountered just to get her music out in front of audiences and have it be recognized.


NBPC 360 Gives Up To $150K For New TV and Web Series


NEW YORK (October 1, 2014) — “National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), a nonprofit based in Harlem that has been presenting stories about the Black experience on the public airwaves since 1979, is launching NBPC 360, a new funding initiative designed to identify innovative storytellers and to generate quality serial, digital and multiplatform content for public… Read more »


Masquerade, Escaping Slavery With Love


“The attention to detail they employed for their disguise is bold and mesmerizing. She wrapped her hands and face in bandages and took on the specific physically of an invalid white man suffering from rheumatism.”