NBPC 360 – Bootcamp Group

Filmmakers in a group shot at the NBPC 360 bootcamp training retreat. Front row, from left: Sabrina Gray, former NBPC Executive Director Mable Haddock, Neycha Herford, Shellee Haynesworth, Judith Helfand, Kay Shaw, Hassatou Diallo, Shertease Wheeler, Arthur Jafa; back row, from left: Damon Colquhoun, Isaac Solotaroff, Shukree Tilghman, Nonso Christian Ugbode, Gregory Warren, Sandy Rattley, Derek Koen, Nosarieme Garrick, Ouida Washington and Garland McLaurin. (Photo: Lindsey Seide)

NBPC 360 – Incubator Video Edit

Filmmaker Hassatou Diallo screens some work on her lab top during the NBPC 360 incubator. Photo by Lindsey Seide.

NBPC 360 – Incubator Table Sign

Kay Shaw NBPC’s Director for Strategic Engagement consults with filmmaker Damon Colquohoun at the Center for Social Innovation, a co-working space hosting the six-week NBPC 360 incubator for web and TV pilots.

NBPC 360 – Bootcamp

Filmmakers Ouida Washington, Shukree Tilghman, Isaac Solotaroff and Sabrina Gray listen during a storytelling workshop at the NBPC 360 bootcamp. Photo by Anthony Phillips.

NBPC 360 – Terror Room

Filmmaker Sabrina Gray gives a presentation during the NBPC 360 incubator feedback sessions, also known as “The Terror Room.” Photo by Lindsey Seide.

Upaj: Improvise

Performing artists Pandit Chitresh Das and Jason Samuels congratulate each other after a performance in the AfroPoP documentary “Upaj: Improvise.”

Doin’ It in the Park [Shot]

A young boy shoots his basketball from a low angle in the AfroPoP documentary “Doin’ It in the Park: Pick-up Basketball, NYC.”