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Nine black female filmmakers to celebrate this Women's History Month - and all year round!

* Black Philanthropy Month 2016

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August is Black Philanthropy Month!


The National Black Programming Consortium is committed to supporting media makers of African descent. The black experience is rich, diverse and global — and we help ensure it’s represented often and accurately, on screens large and small.

Why give to NBPC?
If... (Read more)

NBPC may have been around since 1979, but with so many fresh public media projects out there we are not about to get stuck in the past. In fact, 2016 will be a downright parade of premieres, panels, seminars and festivals for your participation and enjoyment. So grab your planner and a pen! Here are 10 of the brightest spots on this winter's Black Public Media horizon.

It seems like now a days it’s hard to find black folk who are ready and willing to say I do, at least that’s what all the media coverage about single black women says. Is this a generational issue or are black folk allergic too long term commitment? Or are... (Read more)

We have been very excited to launch our second original web series this summer, so after you check out the last episode of Black Folk Don’t this season, be sure to mark your calendars for fresh episodes of “Ask A Muslim” from the producers at Nur Media. Here is their... (Read more)

Suicide usually isn’t an option for black folks, especially since there is a whole host of reasons why our mortality rate is so high, but is this always true? Given some recent high profile suicides and apparent suicides in the black community, is there more room to have this discussion... (Read more)

(SOME STRONG LANGUAGE) When is the last time you met a black atheist? Having faith has been a long tradition for black folk in the US and across the world? So is it true that black folk don’t do atheism?

What is the danger in assuming that black folk don’t have issues with their body? What happens when there is no room for discussion for black folk to discuss eating disorders? Or maybe black folk don’t actually have any eating disorders? Where does stereotype end and truth begin?

If black folk can live in the hood why can’t we go to the woods? The great outdoors seems to be the last frontier when it comes to Black People. What’s keeping us from engaging with Mother Nature? What’s so tough about roughing it for Black Folk? Or are we... (Read more)

What’s so special about New Orleans, Louisiana? Well the crew of Black Folk Don’t headed down South for this season to find out just that! Because black folk don’t do New Orleans, OK, they totally do!

Back by popular demand, and with topics by the people Black Folk Don’t brings new topics to a new city, New Orleans! First, what’s the deal with black folk and swimming? Do they do it? Or are the assumptions true? Tune in to new episodes every Tuesday, and share your... (Read more)

In 2011 launched the “Black Folk Don’t…” web series, a collection of expositional/conversational shorts about activities that black people supposedly did not do: tip, go to therapy, travel, go to the doctor, do winter sports, were just some of the titles in the first season. On June 26th, 2012... (Read more)

We’re back!! Thanks to you this entire season is made up of audience suggestions of even more things black folk don’t do like swim, go camping, have eating disorders, get married, do atheism, and commit suicide. And this time we took the whole crew down to the “big easy” for... (Read more)

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Are black folk less likely to want to downward dog than other folk?

The news always focuses on the lack of care black people take to their health but is it just a socio-economic thing or is there some historical reason?

Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing … do black people do any of these things? Well sometimes.

There is still a stigma around therapy period but how do black folk fare? 

There are entire blogs about how badly black folk tip. But is that a dated idea or is that true today?

For a while we here in the NBPC labs of Black-ness have been mixing and matching various new media concoctions to engage the masses on issues that range from Black masculinity, to a big hurricane mess named Katrina, and recently we sent some talented filmmakers to Haiti to capture the... (Read more)

A couple of weeks ago I had the revelation that Black people don’t do satire. I kind of instinctively knew this for whenever I’ve either read an article or watched a Black web series even remotely satirical, there would be at least one overly serious comment from a Black person... (Read more)