Dr. Al’s Rebels: Part Two

Photographer David Barclay Moore turns his still camera in for video as he explores the life of a black male couple running a soft-ball team and raising three young children. Nigel and his husband Dr. Al, the team sponsor, share fathers day and a day of sport in the park discussing their relationship, the uniqueness […]


Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes

HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats and Rhymes takes an in-depth look at representations of manhood, sexism and homophobia in hip-hop culture. This groundbreaking documentary is a ‘loving critique’ of certain disturbing developments in rap music culture from the point of view of a fan who challenges the art formÕs representations of masculinity. Leading rap and hip-hop artists […]


My Life, My Hustle: Karl Carter

Karl Carter offers a quick peek into the life of an independent entrepreneur hitting successful strides. Shot on a classically clear day in the hills of Mount Washington Los Angeles this short episode presents an inspiring articulation of drive, determination and a multi-cultural free market open to new energy. What kind of entrepreneurship do you […]


My Life, My Hustle: Kevin Epps

Filmmaker Kevin Epps gives us a look into his urban perspective, crystallizing what it means to live in a city where the black population has shrunken drastically from 25% to 6% over the last ten years. His passionate commentary highlights the struggle of living through constant flight and gentrification Ñ symbolically, a few of his […]



Tika is in the process of becoming a man. Together with her girlfriend Nicki filmmaker David Barclay Moore lets the audience in on Tika’s transitioning while discussing views on black male privilege. Here we see a casual and intimate portrayal of a relationship confronting the very essence of the value of appearing male. Tika confesses […]


My Life, My Hustle: Steven Corbis

Steven once flirted with hip hop dance as a career although that now lies in the past the Con Edison electrician and father of one reminisces fondly about those days, recounting his dreams and acknowledging his views on how reality has changes, or rather evolved those dreams. While navigating a culture which places high value […]


Masculinity Project Trailer

What does it mean to be a man? The Masculinity Project will gather multi-generational voices to explore this question, with a focus on the black community in the 21st century. This project addresses the critical topic of masculinity in the African American community by exploring how men are represented and perceived, investigating the obstacles they […]


This War at Home

Bronx native Ivan Sanchez hung with a tough crowd growing up, a story he chronicles with great and honest detail in his recently published autobiography ‘Next Stop.’ In this short tribute to his uncle, who he was named after, Sanchez explores the connection between the black and brown men who never made their way home […]


Remix: Price of a Ticket

A chronicling of the life and perspective late great African American novelist, essayist and playwright James Baldwin exploring his views on America in his day, his relationship to a strict father, religion, even his evolution in accepting and making reasonable use of his talents. Baldwin’s reflections also highlight the classic father son relationship; how does […]