Bi-Racial Hair

Thirteen year-old Zora’s poem ‘Bi-racial Hair’ serves as the thread for this satirical look at the racism young African Americans of mixed ethnic backgrounds face. Weaving fictional re-enactments with candid interviews conducted by Zora, the film illustrates everything from Zora’s comedic rant about styling her hair to more serious issues of identity and belonging 150 […]


Black Body Radiation

Hollablk’s short film, “Black Body Radiation” imagines a future New York dominated by three rival, warring, black religious sects after two space ships mysteriously crash into Manhattan. Kulu, leader of a circle of priestess healers lives beneath the African Burial Ground. Through trance she is in communication with an alien artificial intelligence, an is able […]



For many people the idea of an ‘out of the way’ beach means an idyllic surrounding separated from the realities of the world; for African American fisheries biologist Jearld Ambrose, swimming as a child at segregated Atlantic Beach, South Carolina was his only option. Swim is an animated short about Jearld’s memories of family trips […]


The Ghost of John Jay

John Jay High School is in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn. Two streets away is P.S. 321 None of the finest elementary schools in New York City. Fifty-three years after Brown vs. Board of Education, John Jay High’s students are primarily black and poor. Police and metal detectors surround the doors. Bused in from […]


Invisible Men: Andrew

Today the face of homelessness in America is this: a black man, around 40 years old, living in a large urban city. The Invisible Men series are artful, experimental snapshots into the lives of two formerly homeless men in New York City. Here Andrew, a formerly homeless man, who lost his mobility from frostbite on […]


My Life, My Hustle: Ise Lyfe

Spoken word emcee Ise Lyfe gives the viewer a visitorÕs pass to the streets of Oakland, California. From street to studio Ise Lyfe tells of the difficulty, and artistic fuel born from living in a violent urban condition. Ise Lyfe takes evident pride in lyrics and poetry that are not really mainstream but targeted at […]


Tongues Untied: Still in Vogue

Inspired by the work of Marlon Riggs young filmmaker John Dargan decides to make a homage to Rigg’s critically acclaimed “Tongues Untied.” Dargan explores the contemporary face of voguing; the power behind identity and self-expression, the connection between safe spaces and the true robustness of spirit that comes to these young men with the beat […]


Harlem Greenthumb

For about ten years a group of retired black men have been meeting every other day on the corner of 131st Street and Madison Avenue in Harlem, bonding, growing a community garden and living an often ignored communal experience. As a developer moves on them and they lose their garden the question of their community […]


Timoun Rezistans

Alex Louis, a member of the Youth Resistance Artist Collective, explores the loss they suffered on January 12th, and their uncertain future. Produced by Michele Stephenson. Story by Sabrina Gordon. Cinematography by Garland McLaurin.