IN THE MAKING: Rebecca Cerese on “February One”

written by Rebecca Cerese The many powerful gender messages sent via peers, the media and popular culture offer a very aggressive, one-sided view of manhood. In my opinion these messages help to perpetuate the violence that pervades our society, and discourages men from allowing themselves to feel real emotion, because they don’t want be perceived

IN THE MAKING: Angela Tucker on “Invisible Men”

written by Angela Tucker As someone born and raised in New York, I have come in contact with homeless men and women my entire life. My childhood friend, Kim Gittens has worked at various homeless organizations throughout the city. Through her stories, she has revealed to me a clear and real face to an invisible

Gregory’s Rooftop

written by Kagendo Murungi One of the things I love about GREGORY (Invisible Men) is how director/editor Angela Tucker presents both the film’s subject, Gregory and the issue of homelessness in a humanizing and visually pleasing way. This was a refreshing change from mainstream news’ once or twice a year profile of ‘the homeless’ as


    How did you get involved in the making of “Pariah”? Well, to take a step back, my whole journey into film has been pretty roundabout in that I didn’t start out knowing that I wanted to be a filmmaker. Going into undergrad, I knew that I loved writing, but was afraid to major