Why Do I Feel Guilty for Taking off Work for MLK Day?

by today’s Urban Chameleon contributor from Home of the Urban Chameleon I’m the only Black guy at my company. I started about two and a half months ago so technically I’m still under a three-month probation before being considered a real employee. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is this Monday, as it’s celebrated the third

Year Zero + 1; Digital Diaspora

Among the first things diaspora Haitians like to tell you about themselves by way of personal preamble is that they are inheritors to a great Revolution. (Next comes why they or their parents left Haiti at all, but that story usually comes after introductions.) “First black republic, world’s only successful slave revolt” – the schooling

Daddys, Keep Your Daughters Off the Pole

brought to you by Home of the Urban Chameleon Chris Rock shared wisdom when he said: “Fathers, our only job is to keep our daughters off the pole “ (or out of the porno video). So what happened with Montana “Chippy D” Fishburne? As a 52yr old father of a 19-year old daughter, the same