Malcolm D. Lee On “Life’s Poison”

After our recent launch of the well-received “Life’s Poison” narrative short, we caught up with director Malcolm D. Lee for a brief phone interview to talk about his experience making the project. Known for both comic and dramatic features with predominantly African American casts like The Best Man, Roll Bounce, and Undercover Brother, this narrative

Malcolm X: The Urban Chameleon vs. The Hero

Last night, between frozen yogurt and a 10:00PM movie showing, me, my husband, mom and stepfather got into a heated discussion about the new book on Malcolm X from renown historian Manning Marable, “A Life of Reinvention.” Allegedly, the book reveals facts of Malcolm X’s life that were kept quiet from the public, including emotional

Why “Black People” and “Satire” Don’t Go Together

A couple of weeks ago I had the revelation that Black people don’t do satire. I kind of instinctively knew this for whenever I’ve either read an article or watched a Black web series even remotely satirical, there would be at least one overly serious comment from a Black person not laughing. The case was