Are SnapChat stories considered digital projects?

We accept digital projects that have 1) a storyline and characters with each episode or segment and 2) can track viewers.

How do I know if my project is further than the idea stage?

If you have drafts for all elements of a proposal, then you are past the idea stage. The elements include 1) complete treatment the provides the full story from beginning to end, 2) budget, 3) production timeline, 4) distribution plan. In addition, all necessary intellectual property rights must be acquired if necessary for your idea.

Can my project be in the post-production phase?

No. We are looking for projects in the early stage of production.

Who should write my letter of support?

The strongest letters come from colleagues you have worked with in the past. Also, your support should be familiar with the project you are submitting.

Do I have to have a production team in place? If not, will I be given a team (editor, camera-person, etc.)?

Projects must have a producer, director and writer. Those positions can be held by one person. Additional team members may be identified during the 360 program. Mentors and BPM staff will assist in finding crew members for the production of your project’s funding reel.

Can we add money from outside funders to the project in addition to 360 Incubator+ grant of up to $5,000?

Yes, the 360 Incubator+ is designed to accelerate the production process that you currently have in place.

Does my project have to fit into the content priorities?

We encourage all submissions to address one of the content priorities.

Is this open to non-New York based filmmakers?

Yes, we hope to receive applicants from across the country.

If I am unable to travel or only available part of the time, can I still apply?

No, 100% participation throughout the program is required.

Will you cover all travel, meals and lodging in the Bootcamp phase?

Yes, BPM will arrange travel, meals and lodging.

Do we get our own rooms?

Yes, however, please let us know if your team can share and put the savings into your project.

Will you cover all travel, meals and housing for non-NYers in the Incubator phase?

For participants living outside the tri-state area, we will provide travel and housing only. Fellows are asked to cover their own meals.

Can I choose my mentor?

The BPM staff will carefully match each project with a mentor who is an accomplished mediamaker and able to address the needs of your particular project.

How do I work with my mentor in the Mentoring phase if we’re not in the same city?

Most of the in-person mentoring will happen in the Bootcamp and Incubator phase. Once you are busy at work in the Mentoring phase, teleconferencing will be used for weekly meetings.

If I don’t get in the program, will I get my application fee returned?

No, it’s a non-refundable fee which covers administrative costs for the application process.

If I don’t receive funding after my pitch, is the project 100% mine?

Yes, you are free to take your project to other funders, distributors, programmers. Keep in mind that pitchBLACK will allow you to meet other partners even if you are not awarded a licensing agreement at the pitch.