AfroPop Caribbean Shorts

Short films from all across the Caribbean Basin are featured in this series. Dramatic, funny and insightful shorts and documentaries made by Caribbean filmmakers, celebrating and exploring a diverse set of identities. These shorts explore immigration, life opportunities, modern Caribbean identity and much, much more.


a film by Mariel Brown

Smallman is Richard Mark Rawlins’ personal exploration of the real and imagined worlds that his father, Kenwyn, made, in the workshop beneath their house.


a film by Makaraki

A teacher asks his pupils what they want to do when they grow up. While his classmates answer lightly and with great fun, Tom a quiet 10-year-old boy slips away. When his turn comes to speak, Tom embarks himself upon a striking monologue. With passion, humor and bewildering maturity he describes three possible life choices that will inevitably lead him to dramatic ends. At the end of his monologue Tom gets back to the essence of the question and answers with cleverness and panache.


a film by Kareem Mortimer

A twenty-year-old Haitian woman, Sandrine and her thirteen-year-old brother Etienne, are being transported from Haiti to the Bahamas in the hold of a dilapidated wooden vessel, filled with several other immigrants in search of a better life.


a film by Lisa Harewood

AUNTIE is a middle-aged seamstress and respected caregiver in her rural Barbadian community. 12-year-old KERA is her latest ward and a special child to whom she has grown uncharacteristically close. Seven years after Kera’s mother emigrates to England in search of a better life, Auntie is confronted with the day she long dreaded when the plane ticket arrives that will reunite Kera with her mom.