180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School (Part One)

This special gives space and breadth to our nation’s education reform debate by giving the audience a first-hand view of what happens in a school that meets the needs of the most challenged students in new and sometimes non-traditional ways.

AfroPoP: Behind the Scenes (Dear Mandela)

Almost two decades after the end of apartheid three young activists living in a shanty town take the South African government to court for forced evictions in their township, fighting political odds that put even their lives at risk. Directed by Dara Kell and Christopher Nizza.

AfroPoP: Behind the Scenes

Join the crew of the only documentary series on public television dedicated to stories from the African Diaspora as they prepare yet another season of thrilling stories that will take you around the world. This season Academy Award Nominee Gabourey Sidibe joins the team to give you that extra AfroPoP!

AfroPoP: Behind the Scenes (A Lot Like You)

In this award-winning and very personal documentary a young woman probes her interracial roots to find some difficult truths about her own past and her father’s male-dominated East African culture. Directed by Eliachi Kimaro, who discusses here her inspirations and takeaways from producing such an intimate film.

AfroPoP: Behind the Scenes (Gabby)

Gabourey Sidibe steps into a new role this winter as host of AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, an innovative documentary series highlighting contemporary life, art and pop culture in the African Diaspora. Best known for her Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated depiction of “Precious” in the Lee Daniels film Precious: Based on the Novel Push by

AfroPoP: Behind The Scenes (Stolen)

Premieres February 5th on WORLD Channel. In this family reunion documentary turned international political thriller a pair of journalists discover the existence of slavery in a refugee camp. In their journey to tell a story of modern day slavery they themselves become the story. Directed by Violeta Ayala and Dan Fallshaw, listen to the inspiration

An African Election – Web Clip – “Strong Room”

“An African Election” is a documentary film by Jarreth Merz which follows the 2008 elections in Ghana and reveals the real modern face of West African democracy, with amazing visuals and unprecedented access to all the key players. This film premieres on American Public Television on October 1st, 2012, watch it on the WORLD Channel.

Ask A Muslim – “9/11”

How has Muslim culture changed in the U.S. since 9/11? Is it hard to practice Islam in America? Do you feel discriminated against in the airport?

Ask A Muslim – Revelation

What’s the Muslim Holy Book? Do Muslims believe the Qur’an came from the sky? Why are Muslim women not allowed in mosques?