This edition of the  Black Media Story Summit is an opportunity for creatives to connect, network, and brainstorm story ideas with key stakeholders in the fight to address COVID-19 and adult vaccine equity in the Black and Latinx community. The Story Summit goal is to inspire the creation of media content that encourages our people to embrace the communal and personal health benefits of vaccination.

This call for proposals is for short form works (English and Spanish) that focus on addressing distribution, administration, and/or uptake of COVID-19, influenza and other identified adult vaccines among The following Black and Latino Communities:

- North Carolina Counties: All counties

- Michigan Counties: Genesee, Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, and Berrien

This initiative addresses two of the eight best practices identified by the National Network to Innovate for COVID-19 and Adult Vaccine Equity (NNICE): Mass Public Health/Education Campaign and Social Media Diffusion of Knowledge.

The project must focus on MICHIGAN or NORTH CAROLINA and include some or all of these elements:

  • Environmental:  social and cultural norms or health, economic, educational, and social conditions related to immunization.


  • Community and Clinical: settings in which social relationships occur, such as a school or a neighborhood, or settings where healthcare is provided.


  • Interpersonal: social and personal relationships with neighbors, colleagues, healthcare providers, friends, loved ones, or others relating to immunization/vaccination.


  • Individual:  attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors relating to immunization/vaccination. 


The selected proposal(s) will be awarded up to $60,000 in production funding and additional financial support for marketing and engagement.  English Speaking and Spanish Speaking Projects are eligible. 


OPEN: Friday, March 3, 2023, 12:00 AM

DEADLINE: Monday, April 3, 2023 11:59PM EST 


The Applicant must:

-- Be the project’s producer or director,

-- Be a US citizen, or Legal Resident. 

-- Have a track record of publicly distributed work.(i.e. Museums, Festivals, Streamed, Broadcast, etc. )

-- Include a person of color in Key creative personnel (producer, director, writer, or editor);

-- Hold artistic, budgetary and editorial control, and must own the copyright of the proposed project;

Please note, though anyone may apply, BPM’s review process will prioritize applicants currently living in or from Michigan or eastern North Carolina.  

Projects or production entities that are foreign-based, owned or controlled are NOT eligible. 


Projects selected for funding will be eligible to receive BPM funding, subject to a fully executed contract. The contract shall be negotiated in good faith, except that the distribution and licensing terms will be non-exclusive, with the non-exclusive or shared right to package, schedule and promote the program across any and all media platforms. BPM makes no expressed or implied commitment to financially support a project until an agreement is signed by both the applicant and BPM. However, as a condition of any BPM funding, producers must agree to the following non-negotiable terms and conditions:

-- Executive Producer credit to Black Public Media;

-- Financial books and records related to the production must be maintained for three (3) years following the receipt of funds by the producers;

-- Producers must comply with all equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination laws and policies, payola/plugola requirements and other applicable federal and state rules and regulations.


--  Have you attended the March 3 Story Summit? (Y/N)
-- Do you live or work in Michigan or North Carolina? (Y/N)
-- If you answered No to either question, what is your investment in providing creative works for these communities?

Program Title
Logline: 1-3 Sentences
Program Type:

-- Short Film (15 minutes or less)
-- Music Video
-- PSA
-- Podcast
-- Social Media Campaign/Series
-- Visual Media Art Installation (i.e. digital billboard)
-- VR/XR Project (15 minutes or less)

Amount of Request
Total Project Budget

Story Summary/Synopsis: Approximately 1 to 2 pages
Artistic Approach: Approximately½ page
Production Timeline: Approximately 1 paragraph

Engagement Strategy: Approximately 1 paragraph
Intended Audience:  Approximately 1 paragraph
Expected Impact(s):  Approximately 1 paragraph

BPM seeks to develop the talent of producers of color. Thus we seek projects in which a person of African descent or a person of color is in a key creative position.
-- Diversity of Key Creative Personnel
-- Bios of Key Creative Personnel: Approximately 1 paragraph/short bio

Comprehensive Line Item Expense Budget
Suggested Budget Template

WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU SEND ONLY ONE SAMPLE. The Panel will review up to 10 minutes of your video sample.  Be sure to provide a link and password that is active through the May 15, 2023.

If you are submitting a Narrative Short, a script must be submitted.

Describe the sample you are submitting for consideration, including its narrative, aesthetic, or communication intentions. What should reviewers be looking for in your sample? Explain what is present or absent in the sample, and how it will differ as a finished film. How is it representative of the intended story, style, subject, or another aspect of the project?  Discuss the relevance of the work to the current project, if any. If the current project is a departure from the prior work, how will this film differ?

Suggested Length: Approximately 1-2 paragraphs


SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: If applicable, please share website, IG, Twitter, Facebook handles for this project.


What types of projects are eligible for the Story Summit Call?

BPM is eager to diversify our pool with applicants working in a range of formats, styles, and genres. The focus should be on addressing distribution, administration, and/or uptake of COVID-19, influenza and other identified adult vaccines among Baltimore’s African American residents.  

I’m not a U.S. citizen. Can I still apply?

At least one of the key production team members  (writer, director, producer) must be a U.S. citizen or green-card holder.

I am not African American or of African descent. Can I still apply?

At least one of the key production team members (writer, director, producer) must be of African descent or person of color.

Are international projects eligible?

Projects or production entities, which are foreign-based, owned or controlled will not be considered.

I’m working on several projects. Can I submit them all?

While a single producer or production team may submit multiple applications, each project must be submitted separately, and no more than one project from any producer or production team will ultimately receive support.

I have a finished film but I still need funding to pay off production expenses. Can I apply?

No, funds are only available for projects that are in pre-production, production, or post-production.

I don’t hold the copyright for my project. Can I apply?

Applicants must hold artistic, budgetary and editorial control and must own the copyright of the proposed project.

I already have a deal to stream my project online. Can I apply?

This is Great! However, this call is for new short form projects for Baltimore.

Are student projects eligible to apply?

Thesis projects or student films which are co- or solely-owned or copyrighted, or otherwise editorially or fiscally controlled by the school are not eligible.

Are industrial, children’s, promotional projects or impact campaigns eligible?

Industrial and Children's projects are not eligible for funding.

Our public media organization is interested in helping employees with their applications. Is that allowed?

Yes, projects receiving organizational support are welcome to apply.

For awarded projects, what happens if the production schedule goes beyond the schedule proposed in the application?

Projects must be completed by October 1, 2023.  We will only consider extensions of a project's schedule for selected projects with a fully executed agreement. Requests for schedule changes will not be accepted until midway through the contracting term.  Extensions in the production schedule are not guaranteed.


Tuesday, March 7, 4-5 PM
Thursday, March 9, 5-6 PM
Wednesday, March 22, 3-4PM

Meeting ID: 848 0699 6938
Passcode: bmss23

Email: Qiona Woffard, Special Programs

Use Subject Line: BMSS Vaccine Equity