When the Somali government collapsed, the country also lost its airline and all air links for people and goods to move in and out of Somalia. As thousands fled, Mohammed Yassin Olad, a Somali businessman, saw opportunity and started Daallo Airlines. As he notes, Daallo Airlines is a business, but also a humanitarian endeavor as for many years Daallo maintained the only outside link for this isolated, troubled nation. Daallo’s hurdles are unimaginable. There are no banks, so all transactions must be in cash. Without a government, they have to maintain the airports. Despite the problems, the market is profitable enough that five other carriers sprung up. Without a government there are no safety regulations, particularly for the other airlines that fly only within Somalia, but despite war and lack of government, in the 14 years they have been flying Daallo has never had any safety problems. The carrier now has offices in London and Paris and offers long-haul flights from Europe to Somalia. As Olad notes, sometimes it is difficult not having a government, but sometimes it is a plus. Corruption is not a problem because there is no government, he says smiling broadly.