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The BPM Emergency Relief Fund

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic laid bare the challenges Black independent artists face. With little to no safety net to cover the loss of freelance income, many media makers have faced homelessness, hunger, and more. Last spring, BPM responded to the pandemic by creating a Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund. The generosity of donors to that fund enabled BPM to distribute $30,000 in funding to artists in need. At the time, we all hoped the Covid-19 crisis would be resolved by fall. Sadly, it remains with us.

BPM has historically held an end-of-year campaign to allow our community of media makers, funders, distributors, and other supporters to contribute to our efforts. This year, we've decided to focus our 2020 campaign on launching a rebranded version of our Covid-19 aid program. The new BPM Emergency Relief Fund will provide a permanent aid resource to assist Black media makers who find themselves in dire financial situations brought on by an unforeseen emergency.

With Covid-19 vaccinations slowly becoming available, the current pandemic will eventually fade. But we know hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, or medical emergencies will continue to arise with little-to know warning. The BPM Emergency Relief Fund will position BPM to respond promptly at times when individuals in our community need it most.

"I and my son want to say very thank you all for this fund. I will find out how I can give back for this help. I really appreciate it."

— BPM Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund grant recipient, Spring 2020


"When COVID hit, my traditional funders had an understandable shift in their funding priorities and the BPM grant provided a much-needed cash infusion before receiving PPP funds."

— BPM Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund grant recipient, Spring 2020

How to Contribute

We invite all who are in a position to give to do so generously. A full 100% of donations made to this fund will go directly to Black media makers in need. We welcome gifts of all sizes and especially appreciate recurring gifts (monthly, seasonally, etc.) We thank you for your support and encourage you to share a link to this campaign with others in your network who might be inclined to contribute.

Through the month of December, a percentage of all purchases made at our new Black Public Media Shop will benefit the Emergency Relief Fund. So if you're shopping for holiday gifts, do drop in and browse.


If you have questions about the Emergency Relief Fund or would like information about other ways to support BPM programs, please contact our Development Associate Alisa Norris. You can also visit our Donate page for details about the many ways to give.

How To Apply For Aid

BPM Emergency Relief Fund is a new program. Official grant making will not take place until 2021. Eligible grantees are makers who are currently working on BPM-funded projects or past grantees. Details about how to apply will be announced in 2021. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.