In a province seen as conservative, the youth has taken control of their destiny. The freedom to chose comes from a negative position of parents who can’t educate their children thus cannot dictate their career choices. In this breakaway young people have taken on careers previously seen as less important and often labelled useless. Mondli ‘Usher’ Mzizi is a young comedian who travels the country hosting ceremonies and entertaining through his comedy. A University of Natal Drama Graduate, where he majored in Drama, Mondli, finds himself in a path where there is very little mentoring and inspiration only comes from African American comedians as all the comedians in this country are just getting started. Having built a strong foundation through his university roots he is the most recognised young comedian in KwaZulu-Natal province and has gone national with television appearances in the reality talent show So You Think You Funny. In this documentary Mondli talks about his sudden rise to fame and the challenges of the new career most don’t recognise as ‘work’, yet his jokes are plagiarised by overnight video producers who make comedy skits DVD’s and sell for R20(roughly $2) on the streets.