The democratic South Africa has seen a lot of shift in cultural paridgms. One of the things we have come to accept is the idea of youth in leadership positions. Introduced to the politics of the country by those who used his family home as a hide out from the apartheid government and police Linda Xaba has never walked away from politics. At a time where youth are asserting themselves as candidates for leadership positions in their respective political parties the country seems to be accepting the role of youth in politics. Councillor Linda Xaba is one of the few young people in the ruling party, African National Congress (ANC) to be given responsibility over the community leadership structures. While the struggle for women leadership rags on the youth are have also risen to question their exclusion from this task of nation building. KwaMashu’s C Section has a young councilor in Linda Xaba and in this podcast he tells us what its like to be a leader in a community like KwaMashu.