Unity Productions Foundation has made a short film for the web, and it is a strong example of arts/media/culture as an empowering form of resistance. Anti-Muslim hatred, otherwise dubbed as Islamophobia, has gripped this country for many years and has grown quite visibly in the last decade, during the ‘War on Terror’.

Muslims have been attacked and demonized in all sorts of ways – and more notably so during recent years, in the media and increasingly by elected officials.

‘My Fellow American’ takes audio clippings of actual Islamophobic statements and chants, and plays these soundbites over scenes of Muslims in America, who are going about their daily business. Muslims from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and occupations are shown, and its a mirror that we need to see; we see the people who are affected by Islamophobia.

Watch the touching video and share it with others. As a filmmaker, who is a Muslim, I really appreciate that this short film exists to show audiences how false the mentality behind Islamophobia is.