Why give to NBPC?

If you believe black lives matter and black voices make a difference, then the answer is simple: investment in filmmakers and their projects ensures the telling of untold, or under-told, stories. We help amplify black voices so that stories about black lives reach audiences worldwide.


Our Programs



360 Incubator + Fund

The 360 Incubator + Fund is a development and fellowship program that builds a critical and wholistic ecosystem of support for filmmakers and their projects. The program is designed for independent producers of non-fiction serial projects for broadcast and web; fiction projects for the web; and interactive, or “trans-media,” projects about the black experience. Structured as an intensive six-week incubator, the program provides filmmakers with workshops, network building, tools for a successful pitch and one-on-one mentoring from talented media makers. The training and support accelerate the experience of preparing a project for production and distribution opportunities. The 360 Incubator allows a cohort of talented and often boundary-breaking content creators to position their projects effectively in a productive and supportive environment.



Pitch Black Forum

The Pitch Black Forum is a dynamic and unique opportunity for both filmmakers and industry leaders. Filmmakers are given a platform and opportunity to gain firsthand experience pitching their projects. Industry professionals have an opportunity for partnership and receive and exclusive opportunity to preview innovative content. Pitch Black is the culminating event for the 360 Incubator + Fund program, and enables participants to compete for NBPC funding in a high-stakes, yet supportive, environment. This one-day event is an exhilarating experience that fosters and strengthens networks, introduces new talent to industry professionals and provides filmmakers with incredible tools to apply to pitching future projects and securing funding and distribution.



AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange

AfroPoP is a U.S.-based public television series featuring independent documentaries and short films about life, art and culture from the contemporary African Diaspora. The African Diaspora includes Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, South America, Europe, the U.S. and anywhere people of African descent have made a significant contribution to the culture. The only series on U.S. public television that focuses solely on stories from the African Diaspora, AfroPoP provides authentic and accurate representations of the many black and African ethnic groups that reside in the United States, and allows audiences to explore connections. The series profiles artists, explores social and human rights issues and examines contemporary culture from several African Diasporic perspectives.



Distribution and Outreach

The unifying thread throughout NBPC’s programming is our organization’s ability to support stories about the Black experience in three distinct areas: helping content creators prepare their projects for distribution; funding project completion; and creating a pipeline and network of distribution outlets across multiple platforms. NBPC delivers content to domestic and international audiences. In addition, we actively engage audiences with an investment in content that reflects their respective communities, thereby extending engagement beyond the screen. This work includes partnership cultivation at every level for screenings, panel discussions, educational lectures and civic participation.

360 Hackathon

The 360 Hackathon is a two-day competition – an innovative approach to ensuring black stories are told through the use of 21st-century technology. Starting with an annual theme centralized on issues that affect black storytellers or that speak to the black experience, the Hackathon invites filmmakers to attend a two-day session to compete for funding for the project they begin during that time. We partner with tech leaders, industry professionals and key stakeholders within the host city, affording them a new opportunity to engage audiences through technology. Using NBPC’s wholistic method for supporting storytellers, prior to the event, participants take part in a series of professional development webinars centered on the platform or topic of the Hackathon. During the event, filmmakers shoot footage, stitch/edit, design graphics, code for an app design or website, or whatever tasks their projects demand. Prototypes are presented to a jury and a winner is chosen. In 2017, NBPC will partner with the New Orleans Film Society. The Hackathon theme will be Mental Health in the Black Community.


Black Media Summit

NBPC’s Race & Media Summit will be a new project that works to identify funding and content priorities in order to seed the creation of media content for distribution across public media platforms in a three-year cycle. This powerful and comprehensive approach to telling black stories generates partnerships to leverage funding for content, and impact marketing and engagement during content distribution. The summit includes independent producers from documentary, narrative, radio and digital media fields and brings them together with black thought leaders from various industry communities including law, government, education, health, science, technology, the environment, human rights, immigration, arts, culture, business and philanthropy.



Opportunities for Investment

Here are a few ways your contribution can help:


  • Investment in the 360 Incubator + Fund and the Pitch Black Forum supports emerging producers and filmmakers with production, professional development, infrastructure costs (travel and lodging), marketing and promotion, grants, etc.
  • Program development allows partners to support directly, through broadcast, digital and outreach grants.


  • The 360 Hackathon ensures black filmmakers have the tools, skills and experience with technology to thrive in the 21st century.
  • The Black Media Summit leverages the collective power of partnership and influences various aspects of media, content creation, marketing and distribution.
  • The Nonso Christian Ugbode Digital Media Fellowship provides infrastructure and resources for a young digital media arts professional.


  • AfroPoP‘s 10th anniversary and NBPC’s 40th anniversary
  • Provide support for the organization’s general operating costs


For corporate sponsorship or larger gifts, please contact Leslie Fields-Cruz (

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