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Program Title AiredWeb Content OnlyPremier Topic TagsProduction Company/ProducerDirector
7 Day GigPBS.org2014Kate Marks/ Frances E. Chang
125 Franco's BoulevardAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Biography, Visual Arts, South America, ShortSia Nyorkor | Jacob Templin Sia Nyorkor | Jacob Templin
180 Days: A Year in an American High SchoolPBS2013Education, YouthJacquie Jones & Garland McLaurinJacquie Jones
180 Days: HartsvillePBS NPS2015Education, Youth, Rural AmeicaSouth Carolina ETV (SCETV)/Garland McLaurinGarland McLaurin
A Day Without MinesBlackPublicMedia2011Human Rights, AfricaMichael CaulfieldAdisa Septuri
A Doula StoryIndependent Lens- PBS2004Health, WomenDaniel Alpert
Daniel Alpert
A Gentleman's Warblackpublicmedia.org2013Immigration, Sports, CaribbeanMadeleine Hunt – Ehrlich
A Goat for a VoteDocWorld- World Channel2016Africa, Politics, EducationMaarten van der Ven, Hasse van NunenJeroen van Velzen
A Huey P. Newton StoryPBS NPS2002Performing Arts, BiographySteven Adams | Bob L. Johnson Marc | Henry JohnsonSpike Spike Lee
A Litany for Survival: The Life & Work of Audrey LordePBS1996Arts, Biography, LiteraryAda Gay GriffinThird World NewsreelAda Gay Griffin, Michelle Parkerson
A Lot Like YouAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2013Culture, Identity, Women, AfricaEliaichi KimaroEliaichi Kimaro
A Marriage of InconveniencePBS.orgYes2014Miles MarksFranklin Jin Rho
A Place of Our OwnIndependent Lens - PBS2004CultureStanley NelsonStanley Nelson
A Question of ColorPBS1994Culture, IdentityKathe Sandler/ St. Claire Bourne,Kathe Sandler
Abominable CrimeAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015LGBT, Human Rights, CaribbeanCommon Good Productions/Micah FinkMicah Fink
Accidental Hero: Room 408Independent Lens - PBS2004Education, Youth Steve Rosen | Terri DeBooTerri DeBoo
Africa In the Picture: DareselamPBS Plus2003Culture, Africa, Drama
Africa In the Picture: Faat KinePBS Plus2003Culture, Africa, Drama
Africa Open for Businessblackpublicmedia.org2008Buisiness, AfricaCarol PineauCarol Pineau
Afropunk Presents: The TryptichAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Arts, Performing Arts, Visual ArtsTereance Nance & Barron ClaireborneTereance Nance
All the DifferencePOV- PBS2016Education, Youth, African Amerrican Boys, Black BoysTodd Lending, Joy Thomas Moore, Wes MooreTodd Lending
AltheaAmerican Experience - PBS2015Biography, History, Sports, WomenHBO/ Rex Miller, Nancy BuirskiNancy Buirski
America by the Numbers (America I Am)PBS - Need to Know2012Current Affairs, News, JournalismMaria HinojosaMaria Hinojosa
American PromisePOV - PBSYes2014Education, Youth, African Amerrican MenJoe Brewster Joe Brewster, Michéle Stephenson
An African ElectionAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Politics, Africa, DemocracyJarreth MerzJarreth Merz
An American AscentAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017RLJ Entertainment, Inc/James Mills & Henry HarrisonAndy Adkins & George Potter
Ask A MuslimBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2012Religion, Culture, WebIdris Abdul Zahir
Idris Abdul Zahir
AuntiesBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014immigration, Caribbean, Youth, ShortLisa Harewood Lisa Harewood/ Ian Smith
BanishedIndependent Lens - PBS2008Civil Rights, Human Rights, HistoryMarco WilliamsMarco Williams
Being PavarottiAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Arts, Culture, Music, AfricaOdette GeldenhuysOdette Geldenhuys
Beyond the Steps Alvin Ailey DanceGreat Performances - PBS2006Arts, Culture, DancePhil BertelsenPhil Bertelsen
Black Folk Don't 1.0BlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2011Culture, Identity, WebTucker GurlTucker Gurl
Black Folk Don't 2.0BlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2012Culture, Identity, WebAngela TuckerAngela Tucker
Black Folk Don't 3.0BlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2013Culture, Identity, WebAngela TuckerAngela Tucker
Black Is, Black Ain'tPBS1996Culture, Identity, Race, African AmericanMarlon RiggsMarlon Riggs
Black Press: Soldiers Without SwordsAmerican Experience - PBS2004History, JournalismStanley Nelson Jr.Stanley Nelson Jr.
Black To Our RootsAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Africa, IdentityTre Whitlow | Jacquwline OliveTre Whitlow | Jacqueline Olive
BlackoutAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017HSI London, Animal Monday, Odd Girl Out Productions/Claire Neate James & Kat MansoorEva Weber
Boys of SummerAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Cutlure, Sports, Caribbean, YouthKeith AumontKeith Aumont
Brother OutsiderPOV - PBS2002History, Biography, Civil RightsNancy Kates | Bennett SingerNancy Kates | Bennett Singer
Brother to BrotherIndependent Lens - PBS2004LGBTRodney EvansRodney Evans
BrotherMenPBS Plus2004CultureDemetria RoyalsDemetria Royals
Brothers HypnoticIndependent Lens - PBS2014Arts, Biography, MusicReuben Atlas/ Sam PollardReuben Atlas
Burning in the SunAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Environment, Culture, Africa BusinessCambria Matlow / Morgan RobinsonCambria Matlow
Calypso Rose: Lioness of the JungleAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Arts, Biography, Music, Women, CaribbeanPascale Obolo
Chisholm '72: Unbought UbossedIndependent Lens - PBS2005Politics, Women, BiographyShola LynchShola Lynch
Citizen King American Experience - PBS2004Civil Rights, History, BiographyOrlando Bagwell | Noland WalkerOrlando Bagwell | Noland Walker
Claiming Open SpacesPBS1996Social JusticeAustin AllenAustin Allen
Colored FramesPBS2011Art, Cutlrue, Visual Art, Boondoggle FilmsLerone D. Wilson
ColorvisionPBS2004Shorts, CultureTangled Bank StudiosTangled Bank Studios
CounterPBS.orgYes2015Elliott WilliamsElliott Williams
Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little RockIndependent Lens - PBS2012Civil Rights, History, Biography, WomenSharon La Cruise/ Noland WalkerSharon La Cruise
Daughters of the DustAmerican Playhouse - PBS1991Culture, HistoryJulie DashJulie Dash
Days of HopeAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2016Immigration
Dear MandelaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2013Social Justice, Africa Dara Kell & Christopher NizzaDara Kell
Desert BayouAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Migration, Environment, Alex LemayAlex Lemay
Dinka DiariesPBS2007Culture, Immigration, AfricaFilmon MebrahtuFilmon Mebrahtu
Doin' It In the Park: Pick up Basketball NYCAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Culture, SportsBobbito García, Kevin CouliauBobbito García
Egalite For All: Toussaint L'Ouveture and the
Haitian Revolution
PBS Plus2009History, CaribbeanPatricia Aste | Margaret KovalNoland Walker
Endgame - HIV/AIDS in the Black CommunityFrontline-PBS2012Health, LGBTRenata SimoneRenataSimone
Everyday SunshineAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Arts, MusicLev Anderson, Chris MetzlerLev Anderson, Chris Metzler
Evoking the MulattoBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2015Identity, Culture WebLindsay Catherine Harris, Mable Haddock (NBPC)Lindsay Catherine Harris
Faces of ChangePBS2008Culture, Human RightsMichele StephesonMichele Stepheson
Family Pictures USATBDFamily, Photography, Culture, Chimpanzee ProductionsThomas Allen Harris
Faubourg Treme: Untold Story of New OrleansIndependent Lens - PBS2009Culture, HistoryDawn Logsdon | Lolis Eric ElieDawn Logsdon | Lolis Eric Elie
Fenceline: A Company Town DividedPOV- PBS2002Social Justice, EnvironmentSlawomir Grünberg | Jane GreenbergSlawomir Grünberg
First FridayAfroPoP - WORLD Channel
Flag WarsPOV - PBS2003Social Justice, Human RightsLinda Goode Bryant | Laura PoitrasLinda Goode Bryant | Laura Poitras
Free to DanceGreat Performances - PBS2003Arts, Dance, CultureMadison D. Lacy | Anu Krishnan | American Dance FestivalMadison D. Lacy
Freedom RidersAmerican Experience-PBS2011Civil Rights, History Stanley Nelson Stanley Nelson
Haiti: One Day, One DestinyAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Culture, Shorts, Web, CaribbeanMichéle StephensonMichéle Stephenson
Harambee!PBS1996CultureLiz Nealon | Cas Hyman Fracaswell Hyman
Hip Hop Beyond Beats & RhymesIndependent Lens - PBS2004Culture, MusicByron HurtByron Hurt
Hip Hop RevolutionAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Arts, Culture, Music, AfricaWeaam Williams Weaam Williams
Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & RhymesIndependent Lens - PBS2007Arts, Culture, MusicByron Hurt Byron Hurt
Homecoming: Sometimes I am Haunted by Memories of Red ClayPBS Plus2003Culture, American South, Social JusticeCharlene GilbertCharlene Gilbert
HomegoingsPOV- PBS2013CultureChristine TurnerChristine Turner
I Am a ManPBS2004Culture, African American MenMemphis Tourism FoundationMentors in Violence Prevention-Marine Corps
I Am Not Your Negro2017
I Was Born a Black WomanPBS2004Politics, Women, South America, BiographyKit Miller
Maria Luisa Mendonca and Vicente
In Performance at the White House: Civil Rights MusicPBS2010Arts, Music, Civil Rights
In Performance at the White House: Memphis SoulPBS2013Arts, Music
In Performance at the White House: Motown SoundPBS2011Arts, Music
In Performance at the White House:The BluesPBS2012Arts, Music
IntoreAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Rwanda Cinema CenterEric Kabera
July '64Independent Lens - PBS2006Civil Rights, HistoryChris ChristopherCarvin Eison
KojoPBS Online Film Festival-PBS.orgX2017Youth, Culture, Jazz, Music, Black BoysMichael FequiereMichael Fequiere
Ladies TurnAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Women, Sports, AfricaWendigo Films/ Helene Harder Helene Harder
Liberia: America's StepchildPBS Plus2004History, Africa, ImmigrationNancee Oku Bright | Jean-Phillippe Boucicaut
Nancee Oku Bright
Malcolm X: Make It PlainAmerican Eperience - PBS2003Civil Rights, BiographyOrlando BagwellOrlando Bagwell
Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the WhirlwindAmerican Eperience - PBS2001History, BiographyStanley NelsonStanley Nelson
Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the BandPBS2015Arts, Biography, Music, WomenMary Lou film projects/Carol BashCarol Bash
Masculinity Projectblackpublicmedia.orgYes2006Culture, Identity, MenJames Baldwin
Matters of RacePBS2003Culture, Civil Rights, IdentityOrlando BagwellOrlando Bagwell
Minority business in the 21st CenturyPBS2007Buisiness
MixAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Identity, Women, Youth, Africa
More Than A MonthIndependent Lens - PBS2012Culture, IdentityOwen CooperShukree Hassan
Moving to the BeatAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Immigration, Africa, MusicAbdul Fofana | Caleb HeymannAbdul Fofana | Caleb Heymann
Mrs. Goundo's DaughterAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Women, Africa, Culture, HealthBarbara Attie | Janet Goldwater | Sabrina Schmidt Gordon Barbara Attie | Janet Goldwater | Sabrina Schmidt Gordon
Murder of Emmett Till American Experience - PBS2003Civil Rights, HistoryStanley Nelson
My Africa IsAfroPoP - WORLD Channel
My Dear AmericansPBS.orgYes2014Arpita KumarArpita Kumar
My Father's LandAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Sphere Productions LLC, Trinidad & Tobago Rocks/K. Tyler JohnstonMiquel Galofre and K. Tyler Johnston
My Life, My Hustle blackpublicmedia.orgYES2010Culture, webAnthony Morris | Karl Carter | Steven Corbis | Kelvin Epps | Ise LyfeAnthony Morris | Karl Carter | Steven Corbis | Kelvin Epps | Ise Lyfe
Native SunAfroPoP - WORLD Channel
NORAAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Biography, Culture ,Dance, Africa, ShortAlla Kovgan | David Hinton Alla Kovgan | David Hinton
Off and RunningPOV - PBS2010Identity, Women, LGBT, SportsNicole Opper | Sharese BullockNicole Opper
Omo Child: The River and the BushAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Little Pass Films/John and Tyler RoweJohn Rowe
On a Roll: Disability and the American DreamIndependent Lens- PBS2005Human Rights, DisabilityJoanne CaputoJoanne Caputo
Other Side of the WaterAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Culture, Music, CaribbeanJeremy Robins | Magali DamasJeremy Robins
Out in the NightPOV- PBS2015LGBT, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, WomenBlair dorosh- WalterBlair dorosh- Walter
Outside Looking In: Transracial Adoption in AmericanIndependent Lens - PBS2004Culture, Youth,Katy Chevigny | Phil BertelsenPhil Bertelsen
Pan! Our Music OdysseyAfroPoP - WORLD Channel
PangaeaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Inspire Media, distr. Journeyman Pictures/Ethan SenserOlivia Peace
Parliament Funkdelic: One Nation Under a GrooveIndependent Lens - PBS2005Biography, Music, ArtsHarlene Freezer Yvonne Smith
PassageBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014Immigration, Caribbean, Human Rights, ShortKareem MortimerKareem Mortimer
Passin' It On: The Black Panther's Search for JusticePBS1993History, Social JusticePeter MillerJon Valadez
Passing Through/Graham's DinerIndependent Lens - PBS2000Courtney ByrdCourtney Byrd
PoPsIndie Lens StoryCastX2017African American, Black Men, Black Boys, Parenting, ChildrenGarlin McLaurinGarlin McLaurin
Prince Among SlavesPBS2008History, Islam, Africa, BiographyAlex Kronemer | Michael WolfeAndrea Kalin | Bill Duke
Promised LandPOV - PBS2010Culture, CIvil Rights, Social Justice, AfricaYoruba Richen Yoruba Richen
Pushing the ElephantIndependent Lens - PBS2011Human Rights, AfricaElizabeth Mandel | Beth Davenport | Angela Tucker | Katy Chevigny Beth Davenport | Elizabeth Mandel
Race is the PlaceIndependent Lens- PBS2005Culture, IdentityRaymond Telles | Rick Tejada- FloresRaymond Telles | Rick Tejada- Flores
Race to ExecutionIndependent Lens- PBS2007Criminal Justice, Human RightsJim Lopes | Rachel LyonRachel Lyon
Ralph Bunche: An American OdysseyAmerican Masters - PBS2001Arts, Biography, Literary William Greaves William Greaves
Ralph Ellison: An American JourneyAmerican Masters - PBS2002Arts, Biography, LiteraryAvon Kirkland, Elise RobertsonAvon Kirkland | Elise Robertson
Richard Wright: Black BoyPBS1996Arts, Biography, LiteraryMadison Davis Lacy JrMadison Lacy
Rise UpAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Music, CaribbeanLuciano Blotta / Darrin HolenderLuciano Blotta
Sam Cooke: Crossing OverAmerican Masters - PBS2010Arts, Biography, Music, Civil RightsJohn Antonelli | D. Channsin BerryJohn Antonelli
Sanza HanzaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Youth, Africa, ShortNadia Hallgren Nadia Hallgren
Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968PBS 2010Civil Rights, HistoryBestor Cram | Judy RichardsonBestor Cram | Judy Richardson
Seeking AsylumBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2013Immigration, Africa, WebDarnell Lamont WalkerDarnell Lamont Walker
Shaker Heights: The Struggle for IntegrationPBS1997Social Justice, HistoryStuart MathStuart Math
Small ManBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014Culture, Caribbean, Arts, ShortMariel Brown/ SavantMariel Brown
Soul Food JunkiesIndependent Lens - PBS2013Health, CultureByron HurtByron Hurt
Sounds of TortureAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Human Rights, Africa, Middle EastTrabelsi Productions/Osnat Trabelsi & Galit CahlonKeren Shayo
Stone MansionPBS2003History, DramaJJ GoldbergerJJ Goldberger
Stop Crying in SilencePBS2003Fana Production, IncJune Cross | Dante James
Stories from Lakka BeachAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Culture, AfricaDaan VeldhuizenDaan Veldhuizen
Street SoldiersPBS1997Avon KirklandAvon Kirkland
StreetCredTBDYouth, Detroit, Film, VR, RealitySultain SharriefSultain Sharrief
Struggles in Steel: A Story of African American SteelworkersPBS1998Social Justice, HistoryTony Buba,
Raymond Henderson,
Tony Buba, Raymond Henderson,
Sweet Honey in The RockAmerican Masters - PBS2005Arts, Biography, MusicStanley Nelson Jr.Stanley Nelson Jr.
Sweet Old SongPOV - PBS2002Arts, Biography, MusicLeah MahanL eah Mahan
Tales of Ordinary People: Le Franc/La Petite Vendeuse du SoleilPBS2003Djibril Diop Mambety
Taste of DirtPBS2003Youth, Drama, Short, WomenYvonne Welbon, Catherine CrouchYvonner Welbon
Tavis Smiley – Memphis EpisodesPBS2008Current Affairs
TchindasAfroPoP - WORLD Channel
Ten Days in AfricaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Culture, African, IdentityRegi AllenRegi Allen
That's My Face/ E Minha CaraAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Culture, Identity, LGBT, Men, Africa, South America Thomas Allen Harris Thomas Allen Harris
The Barber of BirminghamPOV - PBS2012Civil Rights, Biography, History, PoliticsGail DolginGail Dolgin
The CallingIndependent Lens - PBS2011Culture, Religion, David A. RanghelliDavid A. Ranghelli
The CarrierAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Women, Health, AfricaMaggie Betts & Ben SelkowMaggie Betts
The DeportedAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Immigration, CaribbeanRachel Magloire + Chantal Regnault Rachel Magloire
The Fighting SpiritAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Sports, AfricaGeorge AmponsahGeorge Amponsah
The Katrina Projectblackpublicmedia.orgYes2006Environment, Cutlure, WebRennik SholtRennik Soholt
The Naked OptionPBS2013Social Justice, Human Rights, Africa, WomenCandance SchermerhornCandance Schermerhorn
The New AmericansIndependent Lens- PBS2004Immigration, Culture, AfricaSteven JamesSteven James
The Olutunmbisblackpublicmedia.orgYes2012Immigration, Africa, WebTemitope OlutunmbiTemitope Olutunmbi
The PactPBS2008Health, CutlureAndrea KalinAndrea Kalin
The Story of Oscar Brown, JrPBS2007Arts, Biography, Music, TheaterDonnie l. BettsDonnie l. Betts
The UndocumentedIndependent Lens - PBS2010Immigration, Human RightsMarco WilliamsMarco Williams
Third Ward TexasPBS2008Andrew Garrison| Noland WalkerAndrew Garrison
This Far by Faith: African-American Spiritual JourneysPBS2003Culture, Religion, HistoryJune Cross | Dante JamesJune Cross | Dante James
Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers of the 20th CenturyIndependent Lens - PBS2015Culture, HistoryThomas Allen HarrisThomas Allen Harris
Twelve Disciples of Nelson MandelaPOV - PBS2006Africa, Culture, Thomas Allen Harris Thomas Allen Harris
Two Towns of JasperPOV- PBS2003Civil Rights, Human RightsWhitney Dow | Marco WilliamsWhitney Dow | Marco Williams
Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?PBS2008Health, Social Justice, CultureLarry AdelmanRachel Poulain
Upaj ImproviseAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Arts, Culture, Dance, AsiaAntara BhardwayHoku Uchiyama
UprootedAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Human Rights, Environment, South AmericaJuan Mejia BoteroJuan Mejia
VivreBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014Culture, Youth, Caribbean, Short, DramaMaharakiMaharaki
War Don DonAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Criminal Justice, Human Rights, AfricaRebecca Richman CohenRebecca Richman Cohen
We Will Not Die Like DogsAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Health, Africa, Lisa RussellLisa Russell
Welcome to NollywoodAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Arts, Culture, Film, AfricaPeace Anyiam-FiberesimaJamie Meltzler
What's Good DCWHUT2011Current Affairs, Youth
When the Drum is BeatingIndependent Lens - PBS2012Arts, Immigration, Music, CaribbeanWhitney DowWhitney Dow
You Can GoPBS Online Film Festival-PBS.orgX2017Youth, Education, CounselingChristine TurnerChristine Turner
You're Dead to MePBS.orgYes2014LGBT, Human Rights, MarriageWu Tsang/ Melissa HaizipWu Tsang
Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the SunAmerican Masters - PBS2008Arts, Biography, Literary, WomenSamuel D. PollardSamuel D. Pollard
And She Can Be NextPOV2020Politics, Women, Social JusticeGrace Lee, Marjan SafiniaGrace Lee, Marjan Safinia

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