Join BPM at Art Basel in Miami

Black Public Media is joining Howard University Entertainment on the Bison at Basel program this week. Join us for screenings, conversations with media makers and more.

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AfroPoP Digital Shorts: A Little Off the Top

William Caballero’s animated short addresses social issues faced by black young men in America through a group of African-American barbers providing advice, support, and feedback to their troubled teen customer.

Weekly Dispatch

Celebrate with Us at Art Basel

On balance, 2023 has been a good year for BPM and the media makers we serve. Now, its time to celebrate! Here are some suggestions...

Asanteni Sana!

"Asanteni Sana" is a phrase commonly used by the roughly 200 million Swahilii speakers around the globe to express plural gratitude...

Be Thankful, Be Informed, Stay Connected

Thanksgiving is a season of family, food and joy ... I view the season as one to be thankful, be informed and stay connected...
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