AfroPoP Digital Shorts: Hands Performance

This month’s film combines stunning visuals with a highly energetic score filled with booming bass, synthetic snares, claps, and glitches, resulting in a futuristic sonic experience.


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Smile4Kime is a documentary that uses animation and live-action footage to tell a story of friendship, mental health, and Afro-Puerto Rican spirituality. The film explores the impact of social stigma and institutional barriers Black women face when seeking support and how we show up for those we love through the friendship of Elena and Kime

Weekly Dispatch

Seeing ‘The Forgotten Ones’

July is off to a hot and steamy start ... I'm prompted to remember the forgotten ones who, for a variety of reasons, live outdoors...

The Opportunity of July 4th

If you're like me, you look forward to the opportunity to celebrate July 4th ... But recent events have stirred a mix of feelings...

Delivering Public Media is No Solitary Endeavor

Black Public Media and TPT execs meet to discuss how delivering public media is not a solitary endeavor...
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