The Time is NOW!

washington monument on U.S. National Mall

Next week, the United States Congressional Black Caucus will hold its annual legislative conference. The convening provides a platform for Black lawmakers, thinkers and influencers to come together and discuss the issues that matter most to Black communities. It provides attendees a unique opportunity to hear from experts in various fields, learn from successful initiatives and develop strategies to advance Black interests.

Calling All Climate Stories

BPM’s Open Call for climate stories welcomes submissions starting this Friday, Sept. 1. Visit our website for details.

I Love Giving Away Money

woman in red dress accepting red glass trophy from woman in blue and gold dress

I Love Giving Away Money Perhaps the best parts of my job is being in a position to say “yes” to storytellers who

It’s That Time Again!

Headshot of a Native American man wearing wire glasses, an aqua-toned poloshirt and a dark blazer posed in front of a tree

It’s that Time Again! Last week, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting released a statement about the upcoming federal

NPT’s American Masters In the Making – Rissi Palmer: Still Here Screening

Nashville Public Television and American Masters had a screening of American Masters In the Making – Rissi Palmer: Still Here, Thursday, March 2 in Nashville Public Television’s Studio A. The film follows country artist Rissi Palmer who is redefining success as she works on her latest album while uplifting the voices of other BIPOC women country music performers. Following […]

Black Media Story Summit: COVID & Vaccine Equity

The Black Media Story Summit – COVID and Adult Vaccine Equity is an opportunity for creatives to connect, network, and brainstorm story ideas with Michigan and North Carolina stakeholders in the fight to address COVID-19 and adult vaccine equity in the Black and Latinx community. The Story Summit goal is to inspire the creation of […]