BPM is excited to present at Art Basel as part of Howard University’s Bison at Basel program this year. Documentary filmmakers Carrie Hawks and Rodney Evans will screen and discuss some of their films.  Leonardo Souza (Rio de Janeiro), Bayeté Ross Smith (New York), Damien McDuffie (Oakland), Leshawnda Larkin (Dallas), and Andrea Walls (Philadelphia) will give talks about augmented reality, gaming, immersive documentaries, and technology trends on Friday, December 8, at Art x Innovation Day, hosted by The Fearless Artist, and on Saturday, December 9 at the Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club.

BPM Engagement Manager Eboni Johnson-Kaba and Emerging Media Director Lisa Osborne will moderate panel discussions on Saturday. Saturday’s BPM programs are held in the Riviera room at the Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club, starting at 10 am ET.


Films screening over the course of the weekend include:


The creative technology showcase and panel discussions will include in-person presentations by Leonardo Souza, Bayeté Ross-Smith, Damien McDuffie, Leshawnda Larkin, and Andrea Walls. Additional virtual presenters will include: Dominic Rabrun, Eboni Zamani and LaJuné McMillian. The first panel will run 3-5 p.m. ET on Friday, Dec. 8, as part of the TFAPOPUP Miami: Art X Innovation Day.  The BPM panelists will present again on Saturday, Dec. 9, as part of Bison at Basel at the Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club. Both panels will conclude with a virtual kite flying activity. The projects being showcased include:

    • Air Quality Orange Interactive (Eboni Zamani)
    • AR Museum for the People (Damien McDuffie)
    • Ki Es Ou Ye? (Dominick Rabrun)
    • Museum of Black Joy (Andrea Walls)
    • Rabiola Open Skies (Leonardo Souza)
    • Red Summers (Bayeté Ross Smith)
    • The Unseen (LaJuné McMillian)