Seeing ‘The Forgotten Ones’

JULY 9, 2024



By Leslie Fields-Cruz

PBS Film Festival poster has four illustrations of film reels on blue yellow green and purple backgroundsJuly is off to a hot and steamy start. As we commiserate about how uncomfortable it is to circulate under these conditions, I’m prompted to remember the forgotten ones. The thousands of Americans who can’t escape the heat because they live outdoors.

In this month’s newsletter, we invite you to celebrate the art of short filmmaking by watching the PBS Short Film Festival. This year, our entry is The Forgotten Ones, a powerful film by Tracii McGregor about what it is like living on the streets of 21st century America. And what is required of all of us to fix the problem.

Swimming Through the Season

man and toddler playing in a swimming pool
Scene from “Black Folk Don’t: Swim”

We’re also excited to announce that this month’s AfroPoP Digital Short is a BPM classic: Black Folk Don’t: Swim, which will start streaming on Mon., July 22. Watch it on the BPM YouTube channel in the run up to the Paris Olympics, which features two incredible African American swimmers competing on behalf of Team USA.

Your Support is Welcome

orange and green flyer inviting donations to bpmWhether you’re traveling for vacation this summer, or just taking a few days off to chill at home or explore your neighborhood, remember that BPM’s digital platforms always feature something for you to watch. We also welcome your financial support. Our summer giving campaign kicks off soon. Watch our Weekly Dispatch for details about how your donations will help us amplify Black stories. 

Meanwhile, have fun, stay cool and stay hydrated.

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