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Black Public Media is the proud supporter of an expansive body of media projects documenting Black experiences across the African diaspora. Many of the projects listed here are still being broadcast, for free, on public media stations across the nation. Others can be streamed from this website or the BPM YouTube channel, on demand, at no cost. Those no longer available on public media can sometimes be found on paid subscription services or in public and private library collections. 

We are honored to have contributed to bringing these projects to the public and are pleased to share this valuable catalog with our website visitors. We encourage you to return often, as new titles are added on a regular basis. 

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Program TitleAiredWeb Content OnlyPremierTopic TagsProduction Company/ProducerDirector
A Little Off the TopPBS DigitalYes2023Animation, Series, HumorWilliam CaballeroWilliam Caballero
After ShermanPOV2023ContemporaryBlair Dorosh-Walter, Madeline Hunt-EhrlichJon-Sesrie Goff
Keyshawn Solves ItPBS KidsYes2023Contemporary, Children, Social IssueEd JenkinsEd Jenkins
Midnight OilBPM YouTube ChannelYes2023Contemporary, Environmental JusticeBilal MottleyBilal Mottley
The Black DisquisitionBPM YouTube ChannelYes2023Animation, Social IssueQuincy LedbetterQuincy Ledbetter
Inner Wound RealBPM YouTube Channel2023Animation, Social IssueSour Peach Films/Chelsea MooreCarrie Hawks
Silent BeautyIndependent Lens2023Women, HealthJasmin Mara LopezJasmin Mara Lopez
Rewind & PlayAfroPoP - WORLD2023Arts & Culture, HistoricalAlan GomisAlan Gomis
Sound of MasksAfroPoP - WORLD2023Arts & CulutreSara CF de GouveiaSara CF de Gouveia
Bill Traylor: Chasing GhostsAfroPoP - WORLD2023Arts & Culture, HistoricalJeffrey WolfJeffrey Wolf
Queen KidjoAfroPoP - WORLD2023Arts & Culture, InternationalCatherine RouaultClaire Duguet
Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the WatersAfroPoP - WORLD2023Arts & Culture, LGBTQDuana Butler, Rosalynde LeBlancTom Hurwitz, Rosalynde LeBlanc
Storming Caesars PalaceIndependent Lens2023Contemporary, Social IssueHazel Gurland-Pooler, Nazenet HabtezghiHazel Gurland-Pooler
J'Nai Bridges UnamplifiedAmerican Masters + Firelight2023Contemporary, Arts & Culture, Social IssueChristine TurnerChristine Turner
Rissi Palmer: Sitll HereAmerican Masters + Firelight2023Contemporary, Arts & Culture, Social IssueFirelight MediaDilsey Davis
Outta the MuckIndependent Lens2023Rural America, Contemporary, Social IssueBhawin Suchak, Ira McKinleyBhawin Suchak, Ira McKinley
The Picture TakerIndependent Lens2023HistoricalLise Yasui, Phil BartelsonLise Yasui, Phil Bartelson
The Big PaybackIndependent Lens2023Contemporary, Social Issue, reparationsWhitney Dow, Erika AlexanderWhitney Dow, Erika Alexander
The First Rainbow CoalitionIndependent Lens2022Historical, Contemporary, Social IssueRay SantistebanRay Santisteban
Let The Little Light ShinePOV2022Education, ContemporaryKevin Shaw, Steve James, Rachel DicksonKevin Shaw
HAZINGIndependent Lens2022Contemporary, Social IssueByron HurtByron Hurt
Faya DayiPOV2022Contemporary, Social Issue, ExperimentalCamilla NielssonCamilla Nielsoson
PresidentPOV2022Contemporary, Social IssueJessica BeshirJessica Beshir
When Claude Got ShotIndependent Lens2022Contemporary, Social IssueSantana Coleman, Steven CantorBrad Lichtenstein
Revolution From AfarAfroPoP - WORLD2022Contemporary, InternationalBentley BrownBentley Brown
Restitution? Africa's Fight For Its ArtAfroPoP - WORLD2022Contemporary, InternationalNora PhilippeNora Philippe
Downstream from KinshasaAfroPoP - WORLD2022Contemporary, InternationalDieudo HamadiDieudo Hamadi
She Had A DreamAfroPoP - WORLD2022Contemporary, InternationalRaja AmariRaja Amari
Everything: The Real Thing StoryAfroPoP - WORLD2022Contemporary, InternationalSimon SheridanSimon Sheridan
Marian Anderson: The Whole World In Her HandsAmerican Masters2022BiographyRita CoburnRita Coburn
Fannie Lou Hamer's AmericaWORLD2022HistoricalMonica LandJoy Davenport
The American DiplomatAmerican Experience2022Biographical, Performing ArtsLeola Calzolai-StewartLeola Calzolai-Stewart
AileyAmerican Masters2022Contemporary, InternationalJamila WignotJamila Wignot
Road RunnersWORLD2021Contemporary, InternationalMike ToddMike Todd
StatelessPOV2021ContemporaryMichele StephensonMichele Stephenson
The Neutral GroundPOV2021ContemporaryCJ HuntCJ Hunt
Points of ViewN/A2021Contemporary, VRAlton GlassAlton Glass
Two GodsIndependent Lens2021ContemporaryAman AliAman Ali
Through The NightPOV2021ContemporaryLoira LimbalLoira Limbal
Bakoso: Afrobeats of CubaAfroPoP - WORLD2021Contemporary, InternationalEli Jacobs-FantauzziEli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
Man of the PeopleAfroPoP - WORLD2021Contemporary, InternationalAmir GeorgeAmir George
ElenaAfroPoP - WORLD2021Contemporary, InternationalMichele StephensonMichele Stephenson
Betye Saar: Taking Care of BusinessAfroPoP - WORLD2021Contemporary, InternationalChristine TurnerChristine Turner
Professional Black GirlAfroPoP - WORLD2021Contemporary, InternationalYaba BlayYaba Blay
Finding SallyAfroPoP - WORLD2021Contemporary, InternationalTamara DawitTamara Dawit
How It Feels To Be FreeAmerican Masters2021Art, Culture, WomenLacey Schwartz, Yoruba RichenYoruba Richen
Mama GloriaAfroPoP - World Channel2021LGBTQ, BiographyLuchina FisherLuchina Fisher
Mr. Soul!Independent Lens2021History, Art, Culture, MusicShoes in the Bed ProductionsMelissa Haizlip
All Skinfolk Ain't KinfolkReel South2020Politics, WomenTucker Gurl ProductionsAngela Tucker
Alzheimer's In Color PodcastLatino USA2020Health, Alzheimers, FamilyLatino USA, Yvonne LattyYvonne Latty
And She Can Be NextPOV2020Politics, Women, Social JusticeGrace Lee, Marjan SafiniaGrace Lee, Marjan Safinia
Belly of the BeastIndependent Lens2020Women, Social Justice, Angela TuckerErika Cohen
Spit on the BroomAfroPoP - World Channel2020Art, Culture, Women, HistoryMadeleine EhrlichMadeleine Ehrlich
The First Rainbow CoalitionIndependent Lens2020History, Social JusticeNantes MediaRay Santisteban
Vision PortraitsWorld Channel2020Health, Art, DisabilityMiasma FilmsRodney Evans
The HookCreate2020Food, CultureShirlette Ammons
Always in SeasonIndependent Lens2019Social Justice, Race, Multitude FilmsJacqueline Olive
Decade of FireIndependent Lens2019History, Environment, Urban, Social JusticeRed Nut FilmsGretchen Hildebran, Vivian Vazquez
Dressed Like KingsAfroPoP - World Channel2019Culture, Fashion, African DiasporaStacey HolmanStacey Homan
Family Pictures USAPBS2019Family, Photography, Culture, Chimpanzee ProductionsThomas Allen Harris
I Am Not Your NegroIndependent Lens2018Velvet FilmsRaoul Peck
Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart: Lorraine HansberryAmerican Masters2018Art, Culture, Theater, WomenThe Film PosseTracey Strain
Acorn and the FirestormIndependent Lens2018Social Justice, Community, Reuben Atlas, Sam PollardReuben Atlas, Sam Pollard
Read AwakeningPBS DigitalYes2018Literacy, LIteratureStoryscape ProductionsDominique Taylor
An American AscentAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017RLJ Entertainment, Inc/James Mills & Henry HarrisonAndy Adkins & George Potter
BlackoutAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017HSI London, Animal Monday, Odd Girl Out Productions/Claire Neate James & Kat MansoorEva Weber
IntoreAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Rwanda Cinema CenterEric Kabera
KojoPBS Online Film Festival-PBS.orgyes2017Youth, Culture, Jazz, Music, Black BoysMichael FequiereMichael Fequiere
My Father's LandAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Sphere Productions LLC, Trinidad & Tobago Rocks/K. Tyler JohnstonMiquel Galofre and K. Tyler Johnston
Omo Child: The River and the BushAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Little Pass Films/John and Tyler RoweJohn Rowe
PangaeaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2017Inspire Media, distr. Journeyman Pictures/Ethan SenserOlivia Peace
PoPsIndie Lens StoryCastYes2017African American, Black Men, Black Boys, Parenting, ChildrenGarlin McLaurinGarlin McLaurin
You Can GoPBS Online Film Festival-PBS.orgYes2017Youth, Education, CounselingChristine TurnerChristine Turner
John Lewis: Get in the WayPBS2017Politics, Biography, Social JusticeKathleen Dowdy
Maya Angelou: And Still I RiseAmerican Masters2017Art, Culture, Women, BiographyBob Hercules, Rita Coburn Whack
A Goat for a VoteDocWorld2016Politics, Africa, YouthJeroen van Velzen
A Goat for a VoteDocWorld- World Channel2016Africa, Politics, EducationMaarten van der Ven, Hasse van NunenJeroen van Velzen
All the DifferencePOV- PBS2016Education, Youth, African Amerrican Boys, Black BoysTodd Lending, Joy Thomas Moore, Wes MooreTodd Lending
Days of HopeAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2016Immigration
First FridayAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2016
My Africa IsAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2016
Native SunAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2016
Pan! Our Music OdysseyAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2016
TchindasAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2016
180 Days: HartsvillePBS NPS2015Education, Youth, Rural AmericaSouth Carolina ETV (SCETV)/Garland McLaurinGarland McLaurin
Abominable CrimeAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015LGBT, Human Rights, CaribbeanCommon Good Productions/Micah FinkMicah Fink
Afropunk Presents: The TryptichAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Arts, Performing Arts, Visual ArtsTereance Nance & Barron ClaireborneTereance Nance
AltheaAmerican Experience - PBS2015Biography, History, Sports, WomenHBO/ Rex Miller, Nancy BuirskiNancy Buirski
CounterPBS.orgYes2015Elliott WilliamsElliott Williams
Evoking the MulattoBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2015Identity, Culture WebLindsay Catherine Harris, Mable Haddock (NBPC)Lindsay Catherine Harris
Ladies TurnAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Women, Sports, AfricaWendigo Films/ Helene HarderHelene Harder
Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the BandPBS2015Arts, Biography, Music, WomenMary Lou film projects/Carol BashCarol Bash
Out in the NightPOV- PBS2015LGBT, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, WomenBlair dorosh- WalterBlair dorosh- Walter
Sounds of TortureAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Human Rights, Africa, Middle EastTrabelsi Productions/Osnat Trabelsi & Galit CahlonKeren Shayo
The CarrierAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2015Women, Health, AfricaMaggie Betts & Ben SelkowMaggie Betts
Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers of the 20th CenturyIndependent Lens - PBS2015Culture, HistoryThomas Allen HarrisThomas Allen Harris
7 Day GigPBS.org2014Kate Marks/ Frances E. Chang
A Marriage of InconveniencePBS.orgYes2014Miles MarksFranklin Jin Rho
American PromisePOV - PBSYes2014Education, Youth, African Amerrican MenJoe Brewster Joe Brewster, Michéle Stephenson
AuntiesBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014immigration, Caribbean, Youth, ShortLisa HarewoodLisa Harewood/ Ian Smith
Boys of SummerAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Cutlure, Sports, Caribbean, YouthKeith AumontKeith Aumont
Brothers HypnoticIndependent Lens - PBS2014Arts, Biography, MusicReuben Atlas/ Sam PollardReuben Atlas
Doin' It In the Park: Pick up Basketball NYCAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Culture, SportsBobbito García, Kevin CouliauBobbito García
My Dear AmericansPBS.orgYes2014Arpita KumarArpita Kumar
PassageBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014Immigration, Caribbean, Human Rights, ShortKareem MortimerKareem Mortimer
Small ManBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014Culture, Caribbean, Arts, ShortMariel Brown/ SavantMariel Brown
Stories from Lakka BeachAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Culture, AfricaDaan VeldhuizenDaan Veldhuizen
The DeportedAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Immigration, CaribbeanRachel Magloire + Chantal RegnaultRachel Magloire
Upaj ImproviseAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Arts, Culture, Dance, AsiaAntara BhardwayHoku Uchiyama
VivreBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2014Culture, Youth, Caribbean, Short, DramaMaharakiMaharaki
War Don DonAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2014Criminal Justice, Human Rights, AfricaRebecca Richman CohenRebecca Richman Cohen
You're Dead to MePBS.orgYes2014LGBT, Human Rights, MarriageWu Tsang/ Melissa HaizipWu Tsang
180 Days: A Year in an American High SchoolPBS2013Education, YouthJacquie Jones & Garland McLaurinJacquie Jones
A Gentleman's Warstaging-blackpublicmedia.kinsta.cloud2013Immigration, Sports, CaribbeanMadeleine Hunt – Ehrlich
A Lot Like YouAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2013Culture, Identity, Women, AfricaEliaichi KimaroEliaichi Kimaro
Black Folk Don't 3.0BlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2013Culture, Identity, WebAngela TuckerAngela Tucker
Dear MandelaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2013Social Justice, AfricaDara Kell & Christopher NizzaDara Kell
HomegoingsPOV- PBS2013CultureChristine TurnerChristine Turner
In Performance at the White House: Memphis SoulPBS2013Arts, Music
Seeking AsylumBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2013Immigration, Africa, WebDarnell Lamont WalkerDarnell Lamont Walker
Soul Food JunkiesIndependent Lens - PBS2013Health, CultureByron HurtByron Hurt
The Naked OptionPBS2013Social Justice, Human Rights, Africa, WomenCandance SchermerhornCandance Schermerhorn
America by the Numbers (America I Am)PBS - Need to Know2012Current Affairs, News, JournalismMaria HinojosaMaria Hinojosa
An African ElectionAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Politics, Africa, DemocracyJarreth MerzJarreth Merz
Ask A MuslimBlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2012Religion, Culture, WebIdris Abdul Zahir
Idris Abdul Zahir
Black Folk Don't 2.0BlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2012Culture, Identity, WebAngela TuckerAngela Tucker
Burning in the SunAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Environment, Culture, Africa BusinessCambria Matlow / Morgan RobinsonCambria Matlow
Calypso Rose: Lioness of the JungleAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Arts, Biography, Music, Women, CaribbeanPascale Obolo
Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little RockIndependent Lens - PBS2012Civil Rights, History, Biography, WomenSharon La Cruise/ Noland WalkerSharon La Cruise
Endgame - HIV/AIDS in the Black CommunityFrontline-PBS2012Health, LGBTRenata SimoneRenataSimone
Everyday SunshineAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Arts, MusicLev Anderson, Chris MetzlerLev Anderson, Chris Metzler
In Performance at the White House:The BluesPBS2012Arts, Music
More Than A MonthIndependent Lens - PBS2012Culture, IdentityOwen CooperShukree Hassan
That's My Face/ E Minha CaraAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2012Culture, Identity, LGBT, Men, Africa, South America Thomas Allen Harris Thomas Allen Harris
The Barber of BirminghamPOV - PBS2012Civil Rights, Biography, History, PoliticsGail DolginGail Dolgin
The Olutunmbisstaging-blackpublicmedia.kinsta.cloudYes2012Immigration, Africa, WebTemitope OlutunmbiTemitope Olutunmbi
When the Drum is BeatingIndependent Lens - PBS2012Arts, Immigration, Music, CaribbeanWhitney DowWhitney Dow
125 Franco's BoulevardAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Biography, Visual Arts, South America, ShortSia Nyorkor | Jacob TemplinSia Nyorkor | Jacob Templin
A Day Without MinesBlackPublicMedia2011Human Rights, AfricaMichael CaulfieldAdisa Septuri
Black Folk Don't 1.0BlackPublicMedia/PBS.orgYes2011Culture, Identity, WebTucker GurlTucker Gurl
Colored FramesPBS2011Art, Cutlrue, Visual Art, Boondoggle FilmsLerone D. Wilson
Freedom RidersAmerican Experience-PBS2011Civil Rights, HistoryStanley NelsonStanley Nelson
Haiti: One Day, One DestinyAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Culture, Shorts, Web, CaribbeanMichéle StephensonMichéle Stephenson
In Performance at the White House: Motown SoundPBS2011Arts, Music
Mrs. Goundo's DaughterAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Women, Africa, Culture, HealthBarbara Attie | Janet Goldwater | Sabrina Schmidt GordonBarbara Attie | Janet Goldwater | Sabrina Schmidt Gordon
NORAAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Biography, Culture ,Dance, Africa, ShortAlla Kovgan | David HintonAlla Kovgan | David Hinton
Other Side of the WaterAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Culture, Music, CaribbeanJeremy Robins | Magali DamasJeremy Robins
Pushing the ElephantIndependent Lens - PBS2011Human Rights, AfricaElizabeth Mandel | Beth Davenport | Angela Tucker | Katy ChevignyBeth Davenport | Elizabeth Mandel
Rise UpAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Arts, Music, CaribbeanLuciano Blotta / Darrin HolenderLuciano Blotta
Sanza HanzaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Youth, Africa, ShortNadia HallgrenNadia Hallgren
The CallingIndependent Lens - PBS2011Culture, Religion, David A. RanghelliDavid A. Ranghelli
UprootedAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2011Human Rights, Environment, South AmericaJuan Mejia BoteroJuan Mejia
What's Good DCWHUT2011Current Affairs, Youth
In Performance at the White House: Civil Rights MusicPBS2010Arts, Music, Civil Rights
My Life, My Hustle staging-blackpublicmedia.kinsta.cloudYes2010Culture, webAnthony Morris | Karl Carter | Steven Corbis | Kelvin Epps | Ise LyfeAnthony Morris | Karl Carter | Steven Corbis | Kelvin Epps | Ise Lyfe
Off and RunningPOV - PBS2010Identity, Women, LGBT, SportsNicole Opper | Sharese BullockNicole Opper
Promised LandPOV - PBS2010Culture, CIvil Rights, Social Justice, AfricaYoruba RichenYoruba Richen
Sam Cooke: Crossing OverAmerican Masters - PBS2010Arts, Biography, Music, Civil RightsJohn Antonelli | D. Channsin BerryJohn Antonelli
Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968PBS2010Civil Rights, HistoryBestor Cram | Judy RichardsonBestor Cram | Judy Richardson
The UndocumentedIndependent Lens - PBS2010Immigration, Human RightsMarco WilliamsMarco Williams
Black To Our RootsAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Africa, IdentityTre Whitlow | Jacquwline OliveTre Whitlow | Jacqueline Olive
Desert BayouAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Migration, Environment, Alex LemayAlex Lemay
Egalite For All: Toussaint L'Ouveture and the
Haitian Revolution
PBS Plus2009History, CaribbeanPatricia Aste | Margaret KovalNoland Walker
Faubourg Treme: Untold Story of New OrleansIndependent Lens - PBS2009Culture, HistoryDawn Logsdon | Lolis Eric ElieDawn Logsdon | Lolis Eric Elie
Moving to the BeatAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Immigration, Africa, MusicAbdul Fofana | Caleb HeymannAbdul Fofana | Caleb Heymann
The Fighting SpiritAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2009Culture, Sports, AfricaGeorge AmponsahGeorge Amponsah
Africa Open for Businessstaging-blackpublicmedia.kinsta.cloud2008Buisiness, AfricaCarol PineauCarol Pineau
BanishedIndependent Lens - PBS2008Civil Rights, Human Rights, HistoryMarco WilliamsMarco Williams
Being PavarottiAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Arts, Culture, Music, AfricaOdette GeldenhuysOdette Geldenhuys
Faces of ChangePBS2008Culture, Human RightsMichele StephesonMichele Stepheson
Hip Hop RevolutionAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Arts, Culture, Music, AfricaWeaam WilliamsWeaam Williams
MixAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Identity, Women, Youth, Africa
Prince Among SlavesPBS2008History, Islam, Africa, BiographyAlex Kronemer | Michael WolfeAndrea Kalin | Bill Duke
Tavis Smiley – Memphis EpisodesPBS2008Current Affairs
Ten Days in AfricaAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Culture, African, IdentityRegi AllenRegi Allen
The PactPBS2008Health, CutlureAndrea KalinAndrea Kalin
Third Ward TexasPBS2008Andrew Garrison| Noland WalkerAndrew Garrison
Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?PBS2008Health, Social Justice, CultureLarry AdelmanRachel Poulain
We Will Not Die Like DogsAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Health, Africa, Lisa RussellLisa Russell
Welcome to NollywoodAfroPoP - WORLD Channel2008Arts, Culture, Film, AfricaPeace Anyiam-FiberesimaJamie Meltzler
Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the SunAmerican Masters - PBS2008Arts, Biography, Literary, WomenSamuel D. PollardSamuel D. Pollard
Dinka DiariesPBS2007Culture, Immigration, AfricaFilmon MebrahtuFilmon Mebrahtu
Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & RhymesIndependent Lens - PBS2007Arts, Culture, MusicByron HurtByron Hurt
Minority business in the 21st CenturyPBS2007Buisiness
Race to ExecutionIndependent Lens- PBS2007Criminal Justice, Human RightsJim Lopes | Rachel LyonRachel Lyon
The Story of Oscar Brown, JrPBS2007Arts, Biography, Music, TheaterDonnie l. BettsDonnie l. Betts
Beyond the Steps Alvin Ailey DanceGreat Performances - PBS2006Arts, Culture, DancePhil BertelsenPhil Bertelsen
July '64Independent Lens - PBS2006Civil Rights, HistoryChris ChristopherCarvin Eison
Masculinity Projectstaging-blackpublicmedia.kinsta.cloudYes2006Culture, Identity, MenJames Baldwin
The Katrina Projectstaging-blackpublicmedia.kinsta.cloudYes2006Environment, Cutlure, WebRennik SholtRennik Soholt
Twelve Disciples of Nelson MandelaPOV - PBS2006Africa, Culture, Thomas Allen HarrisThomas Allen Harris
Chisholm '72: Unbought UbossedIndependent Lens - PBS2005Politics, Women, BiographyShola LynchShola Lynch
On a Roll: Disability and the American DreamIndependent Lens- PBS2005Human Rights, DisabilityJoanne CaputoJoanne Caputo
Parliament Funkdelic: One Nation Under a GrooveIndependent Lens - PBS2005Biography, Music, ArtsHarlene FreezerYvonne Smith
Race is the PlaceIndependent Lens- PBS2005Culture, IdentityRaymond Telles | Rick Tejada- FloresRaymond Telles | Rick Tejada- Flores
Sweet Honey in The RockAmerican Masters - PBS2005Arts, Biography, MusicStanley Nelson Jr.Stanley Nelson Jr.
A Doula StoryIndependent Lens- PBS2004Health, WomenDaniel Alpert
Daniel Alpert
A Place of Our OwnIndependent Lens - PBS2004CultureStanley NelsonStanley Nelson
Accidental Hero: Room 408Independent Lens - PBS2004Education, YouthSteve Rosen | Terri DeBooTerri DeBoo
Black Press: Soldiers Without SwordsAmerican Experience - PBS2004History, JournalismStanley Nelson Jr.Stanley Nelson Jr.
Brother to BrotherIndependent Lens - PBS2004LGBTRodney EvansRodney Evans
BrotherMenPBS Plus2004CultureDemetria RoyalsDemetria Royals
Citizen KingAmerican Experience - PBS2004Civil Rights, History, BiographyOrlando Bagwell | Noland WalkerOrlando Bagwell | Noland Walker
ColorvisionPBS2004Shorts, CultureTangled Bank StudiosTangled Bank Studios
Hip Hop Beyond Beats & RhymesIndependent Lens - PBS2004Culture, MusicByron HurtByron Hurt
I Am a ManPBS2004Culture, African American MenMemphis Tourism FoundationMentors in Violence Prevention-Marine Corps
I Was Born a Black WomanPBS2004Politics, Women, South America, BiographyKit Miller
Maria Luisa Mendonca and Vicente
Liberia: America's StepchildPBS Plus2004History, Africa, ImmigrationNancee Oku Bright | Jean-Phillippe Boucicaut
Nancee Oku Bright
Outside Looking In: Transracial Adoption in AmericanIndependent Lens - PBS2004Culture, Youth,Katy Chevigny | Phil BertelsenPhil Bertelsen
The New AmericansIndependent Lens- PBS2004Immigration, Culture, AfricaSteven JamesSteven James
Africa In the Picture: DareselamPBS Plus2003Culture, Africa, Drama
Africa In the Picture: Faat KinePBS Plus2003Culture, Africa, Drama
Flag WarsPOV - PBS2003Social Justice, Human RightsLinda Goode Bryant | Laura PoitrasLinda Goode Bryant | Laura Poitras
Free to DanceGreat Performances - PBS2003Arts, Dance, CultureMadison D. Lacy | Anu Krishnan | American Dance FestivalMadison D. Lacy
Homecoming: Sometimes I am Haunted by Memories of Red ClayPBS Plus2003Culture, American South, Social JusticeCharlene GilbertCharlene Gilbert
Malcolm X: Make It PlainAmerican Eperience - PBS2003Civil Rights, BiographyOrlando BagwellOrlando Bagwell
Matters of RacePBS2003Culture, Civil Rights, IdentityOrlando BagwellOrlando Bagwell
Murder of Emmett TillAmerican Experience - PBS2003Civil Rights, HistoryStanley Nelson
Stone MansionPBS2003History, DramaJJ GoldbergerJJ Goldberger
Stop Crying in SilencePBS2003Fana Production, IncJune Cross | Dante James
Tales of Ordinary People: Le Franc/La Petite Vendeuse du SoleilPBS2003Djibril Diop Mambety
Taste of DirtPBS2003Youth, Drama, Short, WomenYvonne Welbon, Catherine CrouchYvonner Welbon
This Far by Faith: African-American Spiritual JourneysPBS2003Culture, Religion, HistoryJune Cross | Dante JamesJune Cross | Dante James
Two Towns of JasperPOV- PBS2003Civil Rights, Human RightsWhitney Dow | Marco WilliamsWhitney Dow | Marco Williams
A Huey P. Newton StoryPBS NPS2002Performing Arts, BiographySteven Adams | Bob L. Johnson Marc | Henry JohnsonSpike Lee
Brother OutsiderPOV - PBS2002History, Biography, Civil RightsNancy Kates | Bennett SingerNancy Kates | Bennett Singer
Fenceline: A Company Town DividedPOV- PBS2002Social Justice, EnvironmentSlawomir Grünberg | Jane GreenbergSlawomir Grünberg
Ralph Ellison: An American JourneyAmerican Masters - PBS2002Arts, Biography, LiteraryAvon Kirkland, Elise RobertsonAvon Kirkland | Elise Robertson
Sweet Old SongPOV - PBS2002Arts, Biography, MusicLeah MahanL eah Mahan
Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the WhirlwindAmerican Eperience - PBS2001History, BiographyStanley NelsonStanley Nelson
Ralph Bunche: An American OdysseyAmerican Masters - PBS2001Arts, Biography, LiteraryWilliam GreavesWilliam Greaves
Passing Through/Graham's DinerIndependent Lens - PBS2000Courtney ByrdCourtney Byrd
Struggles in Steel: A Story of African American SteelworkersPBS1998Social Justice, HistoryTony Buba,
Raymond Henderson,
Tony Buba, Raymond Henderson,
Shaker Heights: The Struggle for IntegrationPBS1997Social Justice, HistoryStuart MathStuart Math
Street SoldiersPBS1997Avon KirklandAvon Kirkland
A Litany for Survival: The Life & Work of Audrey LordePBS1996Arts, Biography, LiteraryAda Gay GriffinThird World NewsreelAda Gay Griffin, Michelle Parkerson
Black Is, Black Ain'tPBS1996Culture, Identity, Race, African AmericanMarlon RiggsMarlon Riggs
Claiming Open SpacesPBS1996Social JusticeAustin AllenAustin Allen
Harambee!PBS1996CultureLiz Nealon | Cas HymanFracaswell Hyman
Richard Wright: Black BoyPBS1996Arts, Biography, LiteraryMadison Davis Lacy JrMadison Lacy
A Question of ColorPBS1994Culture, IdentityKathe Sandler/ St. Claire Bourne,Kathe Sandler
Passin' It On: The Black Panther's Search for JusticePBS1993History, Social JusticePeter MillerJon Valadez
Daughters of the DustAmerican Playhouse - PBS1991Culture, HistoryJulie DashJulie Dash