We Appreciate You!

October 31, 2023



By Leslie Fields-Cruz


We Appreciate You!

In today’s info-saturated world, the thank you note — emailed, snail mailed or delivered via social media — can get lost in the shuffle. But as the executive director of Black Public Media, making time to thank those who support the work of this organization is a responsibility I welcome wholeheartedly.

This is BPM’s 44th season of Thanksgiving. So, I’m sending a shout out to all our donors. Those whose contributions have many zeros after the lead number. Those whose gifts may contain only one digit. Those who share their time and talents. And everyone in between. Together, your generosity not only enables us to nurture, fund and acknowledge Black media storytellers, it inspires us to continue exploring new ways of gathering, curating, producing and distributing this vitally important work.

As you spend time with family and friends this harvest season, know that BPM deeply appreciates the many ways you share portions of your bounty with us. 

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In closing, I hope those of you who’ve yet to take our community survey will devote a few minutes to doing so. We value your opinions and are better positioned to serve your needs and advocate on your behalf, if you tell us what you want, need and appreciate from our organization. 


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