Asanteni Sana!

November 28,  2023



By Leslie Fields-Cruz

“Asanteni Sana” is a phrase commonly used by the roughly 200 million Swahili speakers around the globe to express plural gratitude.  Here at BPM, we are primarily English speakers. But this Giving Tuesday, we wholeheartedly embrace the sentiment conveyed by this Swahili phrase.

We greatly appreciate the gifts you send throughout the year —  and especially during this season. Your generosity forms a cornerstone for the framework of programs and services we deploy year-round to assist independent media makers in telling Black stories.

None of the residencies or fellowships we award; the production funds we grant; the coaching, scholarships, or commission opportunities we extend; the distribution deals we make; or various other forms of professional development we deliver are possible without your contributions.

So this Giving Tuesday, we say Asanteni Sana to all our past, present and future donors. We promise to invest your contributions in people, programs and projects that capture and share the global Black experience with the viewing public. Click the button below for a menu of ways you can send your gift. All donations, from the largest to the smallest, are appreciated. 

Thank you, very much!

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