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With great sadness, we announce the passing of a treasured member of our NBPC family, Nonso Christian Ugbode. Christian had served as our Director of Digital Initiatives for the past ten years. A talented writer, producer and web conceptualist, his recent works included the film Colored Frames about black painters, and the satirical socio-political podcast (Mostly) Public Radio.

As a friend and coworker, Christian was beloved for his creativity, sense of humor and gentle spirit. He will be profoundly missed.

You can share memories of Christian in the comments section below.

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  1. Sharon La Cruise

    Words cannot convey how sad and heartbroken I am that Christian has passed on. He was truly a wonderful soul who has left us much too soon. Christian was truly a filmmaker’s best friend. He helped me throughout the years with my film–by designing my website, poster, postcards and DVD cover. He generously gave of his time and creativity and was always willing to help. What a lovely spirit–I feel blessed to have known him. He will be missed.
    RIP Christian!

  2. Matthew Cohn

    I had not been in touch with Christian for some time and this news caught me off guard and by complete surprise. My sincerest condolences to all his family. I’m sure his heartwarming smile will live on with all of us.

  3. Cyrille Phipps

    It’s with a sad heart that I received this news. Although, I never had a long term or intimate relationship with him. I knew him well through others and he was always extremely pleasant and warm every time we spoke. Christian was very knowledgeable about new technology and new media as well as very inspiring as well as encouraging. He will be missed!

  4. Kemi

    Gone too soon, so sad. My thoughts and prayers to this friends, associates and family. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

  5. Lisa S Harewood

    I only met Christian once in New York but we had been corresponding for months when my film was acquired for AfroPop. He was always kind, witty and responsive. News of his passing affected me as though I had known him far longer. My condolences to his family, friends and co-workers.

  6. Gerry Cruz

    A true loving Giant of a man, passionate, caring and a Digital Media Guru. We’ve often had some long conversations about Music and the possibilities of us colaborating on some material’s he’d written. Christian was a wonderful guitarist and songwriter. He served as a mentor to our daughter Sumi Cruz, encouraging her to continue her path in Digital Animation. He watched over our girls, Maya, Sumi Cruz and Ce Ce whenever we were in a crunch and could’nt get a sitter. The girls simply adored him. We adored him, his presence, his laughter, his determination and his talent, we will all surely miss.
    Rest Soundly our Sweet Nigerian Prince, until we meet again…..:(
    Love ya Always,
    Gerry Cruz & Family

  7. Davon Evans

    Although I did not know him personally, Christian seemed to always be there in some way. Seeing the email jarred me. It’s like the brother you’ve just found out about from your family and now he’s gone. This, I know is very random, however, he will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to his family.

  8. Sabira Bushra

    Dear Leslie and all the staff at NBPC

    Sembene – The Film & Arts Festival is an up and coming Black Film Festival in honor of Ousmane Sembene and we were trying to look at ways to expand our programming with short films. That’s when I first encountered Christian.

    In a field where many organizations don’t have the professional courtesy to respond to emails or phone calls, Christian totally responded and we were able to show six films from the AfroPop series that year. It was due, really because of him.

    We have not met face to face yet when I read you email it really hurt my heart.

    I just want you to know that you have my deepest sympathy.

    Sabira Bushra

  9. Garland

    It was an honor to know and meet Christian, I appreciate the time spent and laughs. I couldn’t have been blessed to have met a more caring and kind human spirit. My thoughts and prayers to all his loved ones, friends and people he’s touched. I remember meeting Christian, Kay and Jacquie in DC at American University back in 2010 and the support you all gave me is invaluable. You always saw the bright side of what most people would consider a problem and helped keep things cool, calm and collected.

    Rest easy on the other side Christian.

  10. Ada Babino

    My condolences to the NBPC & the Ugbode family. It is always a shock when our love ones are taken unexpectedly and much to soon. RIP Christian!

  11. Louis Massiah

    What a great, kind spirit! I remember Christian visiting Scribe many moons ago with Jacquie and Noland to talk about the Masculinity project. My condolences to all of you who worked with Christian, and to his family.


    my condolences goes the Christian community and his family and i pray thet will give them fortitude to bear the irreparable lost in Jesus mighty name


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