Night Catches Us, A Little Soon, A Little Late

There is nothing terribly wrong with “Night Catches Us,” writer-director Tanya Hamilton’s feature debut, one simply gets the impression of being haunted without the pay off of unmasking the “ghosts” responsible. Truth be told I walked into the theatre with prejudiced expectations based on two high impact words – Black Panthers. I was sold on […]


Citizen Journalism Goes To Harlem

Since April of this year we have been lucky to launch the Mobile Journalism Collective project, a citizen journalism training curriculum and model currently supported through a great fellowship we received from the National Minority Consortia. Our goal has been to find and activate localized citizen voices around the country who capture news stories using […]



These days Black people are so progressive even some meat lovers opt for the vegetarian special from time to time being more conscious of hormones and chemicals used in animal products. Buzzwords like, “I’m cleansing” have become more frequent in social gatherings. However, I will say my parents were on the organic vegetarian train way […]


Desert Bayou: Five Years Later…

Five years…. I can’t believe it’s been five years since Katrina hit New Orleans and I started production of DESERT BAYOU. Five years since I found myself with a small film crew in the deserts of Utah. Five years since I began hearing all those horrifying, heartbreaking, gut wrenching stories. All those stories that were […]



The question could be asked of women from all races but I’ve chosen to specifically focus on a group that continues to be questioned about their potential to find true love: Black women. The other day I caught the CNN interview with Helene Andrews, the author of Bitch is the New Black, discussing being young, […]

BLACKstream:: The Blog

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