For Producers

For Producers

Submission Guidelines

NBPC has a legacy of proudly supporting producers and digital media storytellers who represent the global Black experience. It’s a our goal to provide funding and distribution within our affiliated public media networks including representation on our dedicated online/web series channel

Our executive producers review and consider films for distribution on a rolling basis. We give priority to films that are current and relevant depicting black life and experience in a unique and often overlooked context, largely ignored by popular culture and films. We work with producers who’ll deliver exciting, entrancing stories and locales in a professional manner. To inquire about submitting completed works, please email us an inquiry.

If you have a completed short or feature-length work for consideration please send a DVD, a brief letter of inquiry, and any relevant press materials on your film to:

National Black Programming Consortium
C/o Programs Associate
68 East 131st Street, 7th floor
New York, NY 10037

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AfroPoP Submissions

NBPC is also looking for strong stories that will capture the breadth and scope of the diversity of experiences of contemporary African peoples for its television series AfroPoP. Films can be about music, art, social issues, human rights, sports, politics, health, or anything in between. Programs should be accessible to a broad audience, have the potential for a national broadcast, and can be used for effective outreach and engagement activities to reach audiences beyond the public television broadcast. Completed programs must be able to meet PBS technical standards as outlined in the PBS Red Book (for more information visit the PBS Red Book site)

To have your program considered for AfroPoP please submit the following:

AfroPoP programs are considered year round.

Digital Media Fellowship

The Digital Media Arts Fellowship is a 6-12 week immersive trans-media mentoring program designed to provide emerging producers of African descent a foothold in new/multi-platform careers in the digital arts. The program assists young producers in shaping web/multi-platform ideas by providing limited financial support, mentorship and access to professional equipment.

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The application process for the Digital Media Fellowship is now closed.

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