2016 Funded Projects

Chef Ricky

Chef Ricky by Shirlette Ammons is a hybrid cooking/reality series following former “Iron Chef” contestant Ricky Moore, who moves his wife and two kids from the big city of Washington, D.C. back to his home state of North Carolina to turn the gems of his rural raising into an urban culinary enterprise in Durham.


So Young, So Pretty, So White

Examining the lives of several compelling men and women from across the globe, So Young, So Pretty, So White by Chanelle Aponte Pearson and Christiana Mbakwe is a window into the often-secret world of skin bleaching, unmasking what drives people to lighten their skin. The series delves into the lives of those who adhere to the practice—the lure of lighter skin and the challenges to sustain it transcend national borders—and exposes multinational corporations who exploit regional discrimination against people with darker skin tones.


The Storyscape

The Storyscape by Dominique Taylor and Stephanie Fields blends entertainment and education for adults to continue a love for reading beyond our formative years. This imaginative, intellectual series encourages mature audiences to share the gift of reading with each other.