Mondo Black: Colonial Williamsburg


To answer the question, “Just who are thee people getting paid to play slaves in 2011?” Mondo Black vists, the scholars researchers and historians who bring to life an authentic, often painful depiction of slavey in America at Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

AfroPop 4.0: On the Set


Visit the set of AfroPoP 4.0 with host funny man Wyatt Cenac of the Daily show, see what it takes to bring the AfroPoP episodes together as AfroPoP 4.0 arrives with four new titles from the African Diaspora, from Los Angeles to Mali, exploring the lives and contemporary cultures of modern black life.

The Olutunmbis


The Olutunmbi’s is the eight month endeavor by filmmaker Temitope Olutunmbi to document and explore his relationship with religious faith and family. The piece is a cerebral and poetic take on the journey to come of age. Through a blend of observational, verite and conventional documentary techniques, the film unfolds in a series of overlapping […]

10 Days in Africa


In a wonderfully textured narrative style, African American filmmaker Regi Allen makes a sojourn to three West African countries to discover for himself the truth behind the myths that separate black identity in Africa from black identity in the Diaspora. With a critical lens often pointed at himself, Allen creates an intoxicatingly chaotic film that […]



Mandisa was produced as part of the National Black Programming Consortium’s New Media Institute: Africa project when it traveled to Durban South Africa in 2008. Working with the local arts center, Ekhaya Multi Arts Center, in the township of Kwa Mashu, students were tasked with capturing interesting short documentary stories about South Africa. Mandisa tells […]

One Plus One


Film-maker George Amponsah and twin brother Ben, a former British army officer, return to Ghana, their ancestral homeland. They meet their father for the first time in twenty years. The journey provokes a series of bittersweet questions in the brothers about identity, similarity and difference.

Invisible Men: Gregory


Today the face of homelessness in America is this: a black man, around 40 years old, living in a large urban city. The Invisible Men series are artful, experimental snapshots into the lives of two formerly homeless men in New York City. Here we meet Gregory who admits that moving out of the homeless community […]

Haiti: One Day, One Destiny


In the aftermath of great tragedy in Haiti in 2010 NBPC’s AfroPoP series sent Haitian American filmmaker Michele Stephenson down to capture the real voices of Haitians recovering. She and her team uncovered many small stories that together tell a grand tale of heavy loss and the will it takes to survive it.



Tika is in the process of becoming a man. Together with her girlfriend Nicki filmmaker David Barclay Moore lets the audience in on Tika’s transitioning while discussing views on black male privilege. Here we see a casual and intimate portrayal of a relationship confronting the very essence of the value of appearing male. Tika confesses […]