Directed by Garland McLaurin

Pops is a documentary web series about African American men facing the toughest challenge of their lives; becoming good fathers.

POPS addresses the reality and challenges of 21st-century parenthood for African American fathers. The media narrative of the deadbeat black father is generally accepted as a fact of life for African American children. Buried beneath these assumptions are the facts of black fatherhood that dispel some of those stereotypes.
The web series follows the parenting experiences of Shaka Senghor, La Guardia Cross Jr., and the Stroman-Inniss family during the course of a year. Each father explores the universal themes of responsibility, nurturing and love. They differ in personalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and struggles but share the collective experience of fatherhood. Their stories serve to reflect the reality of black fathers in America.
The series unfolds over 11 episodes, during the course of a calendar year. Shot in verité documentary style rich with raw, intimate moments, each character reveals what fatherhood looks like in their world.