Special Initiatives

Black Media Story Summit

 Black Media Story Summit 

The Black Media Story Summit is a bi-annual event that brings together a dynamic group of creatives, funders, investors, distributors and media technologists—for a full day of collaboration focused on cutting-edge media strategies to engage the American public. Black thought leaders representing a range of social issues; like health, immigration, environment and mass incarceration, will join the discussion to offering perspective into the importance of black storytellers amplifying community concerns.

Black Public Media (BPM) is committed to a fully realized expression of the African Diaspora. We support diverse voices by developing, producing and distributing innovative media about the black experience and by investing in visionary content makers.

The conversations and partnerships formed at the summit will offer direction for future action to promote black storytelling. Select presentations will be live- streamed to allow input from the public. A black paper will be created and circulated among media executives and creatives as a blueprint for BPM’s content priorities for the next three years. By making new connections and creating a path for ongoing conversations, the Black Media Story Summit will stand as a unique opportunity for advancing untold black stories.

Black Media Story Summit is made possible by: The MacArthur Foundation, Google and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

For more information please contact Alexis Aggrey, alexis@blackpublicmedia.org or Denise Greene, denise@blackpublicmedia.org.


Regional Mini-Summits 

The Mini-Summit Starting in 2019 and leading up to a national convening in 2020, Black Public Media will initiate a series for regional media stakeholders & social justice thought leaders to address the themes highlighted in The Black Paper. These regional summits are designed to gather information about what’s happening at the local level and foster stronger connections in the field among local partners. BPM will record the convening and provide a written transcription to the hosting partner. Hosting partners will be invited to attend Black Media Story Summit’s National Convening in 2020.

September 8, 2019 - BMSS-Durham, NC -  Southern Documentary Fund - Artist Convening Register Here

For further information, please contact Gregory Warren, BMSS Mini-Summit Coordinator, gregory@blackpublicmedia.org



Nonso Christian Ugbode Digital Media Fellowship

For ten years, Nonso Christian Ugbode served as the Director of Digital Initiatives, before his death in June of 2016. In his role he managed in-house production of content, and oversaw content and style for blackpublicmedia.org website. As a filmmaker and producer, some of the projects he worked on included the film Colored Frames, and the podcast (Mostly) Public Radio. Christian’s contribution was especially

felt in his cultivation of a space for black producers to work in digital media. This fellowship created by Christian and renamed in his honor, supports innovative and talented young black digital media makers, and provides them with infrastructure, resources, mentoring, and a stipend to support their work and projects.