The Olutunmbi’s is the eight month endeavor by filmmaker Temitope Olutunmbi to document and explore his relationship with religious faith and family. The piece is a cerebral and poetic take on the journey to come of age. Through a blend of observational, verite and conventional documentary techniques, the film unfolds in a series of overlapping sequences.

This structure allows the film to be read in numerous ways by the viewer. My intention however was to explore my relationship between my family and the spiritual beliefs I was raised with in the best way I could. Therefore the depiction of my family in this film is in no way a complete representation of their life and should not be read as such. Despite any ideological differences expressed in this film, I would like any and all viewers of this film to know the deep respect and love I have for my family.  The film was a necessary journey of reflection and expression of my relationship with my family and has allowed me to grow as a son and an artist.